Is there any live footage of Derek and the Dominos?

Is there any live footage of Derek and the Dominos?

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Live at the Fillmore
Recorded 23 & 24 October 1970 at the Fillmore East, Manhattan, New York City
Genre Blues rock, jam rock
Length 122:21
Label Polydor

Did Duane Allman perform live with Derek and the Dominos?

Even though Duane Allman remained with the Allman Brothers Band, what began as an impromptu jam session when he sat in with Derek and the Dominos turned into an invitation to join in the recording sessions.

Was there a Derek in Derek and the Dominos?

The band released only one studio album, Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs, produced by Tom Dowd, which also featured extensive contributions on lead and slide guitar from Duane Allman….

Derek and the Dominos
Past members Eric Clapton Bobby Whitlock Carl Radle Jim Gordon Dave Mason Duane Allman

Who is in the group Derek and the Dominos?

Eric Clapton
Jim GordonPianoBobby WhitlockPianoDave MasonLead guitarCarl RadleBass Guitar
Derek and the Dominos/Members

Why is it called Derek and Dominos?

As Clapton recalls, it was Ashton that suggested “Del and the Dominos,” having taken to calling the guitarist “Derek” or “Del” since the Delaney & Bonnie tour. However, according to Whitlock, “the Dynamics” was the name they chose and Ashton mispronounced it when introducing the band.

Is Derek and the Dominos in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

As a renowned solo artist in his own right as well as a member of the Yardbirds, Cream and Derek and the Dominos, he is the only three-time inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and is one of the most important and influential guitarists of all time.

Did Derek and the Dominos tour?

Derek and the Dominos has 33 concerts

Date Concert Venue
Nov 29, 1970 Derek and the Dominos Masonic Temple
Nov 28, 1970 Derek and the Dominos / Toe Fat Allen Theatre
Nov 27, 1970 Derek and the Dominos Kiel Auditorium
Nov 26, 1970 Derek and the Dominos Cincinnati Music Hall

When did Derek and the Dominos break up?

The Layla album was successful in the U.S., where “Bell Bottom Blues” and the title song charted as singles in abbreviated versions, but it did not chart in the U.K. The Dominos reconvened to record a second album in May 1971, but split up without completing it.

Who inducted Eric Clapton?

List of Multiple Inductees In the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Artist Inducted As (Induction Year)
Jeff Beck The Yardbirds (1992) Jeff Beck (2009)
Johnny Carter The Flamingos (2001) The Dells (2004)
Eric Clapton The Yardbirds (1992) Cream (1993)
David Crosby The Byrds (1991) Crosby, Stills and Nash (1997)

Who is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame the most times?

Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton is a consistent hitmaker and one of the greatest guitarists of all time—perhaps that’s why he is the only person to be inducted into the Rock Hall three times.