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Is there seating at riverstage Brisbane?

Is there seating at riverstage Brisbane?


What is the difference between general admission and reserved seating?

General Admission (also known as GA) tickets gain access to an area where there are no seats and allows the patron to move about freely. Reserved tickets gain access to a specified seat location where the patron is expected to remain.

Why does my standing ticket have a seat number?

Don’t worry – we have to give all standing (also known as General Admission) tickets a number so we can keep our systems up to date. It’s just an admin thing, they don’t refer to a particular location. The information on the ticket or booking confirmation will look like this: Row GA0, Seats 1 and 2.

Does General admission mean no assigned seats?

General Admission (GA) refers to seating or standing areas that are not assigned or reserved, and are occupied on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can you drink at riverstage?

Can I still buy food and drinks at Riverstage? Yes, however we are strongly encouraging paypass (non-cash transactions) during this time.

How many people can riverstage hold?

What are the best seats in a concert?

With a center stage, the seated sections in the middle of the arena (same as mid court or center ice sections) will be the best and closest seats. With center stage shows there are no longer any seats considered behind the stage.

Why does General admission have rows?

Even though these sections do not have assigned seating, tickets may have numbers or letters in the sections and rows. This is so the venue can keep track of inventory and does not affect where you can sit or stand.

Is there food at riverstage?

There are various food and drink outlets located at Riverstage. You cannot bring food or drink into the venue. If you have special dietary requirements, email the Riverstage Venue Operations Manager.

What can you take to riverstage?

Permitted items empty soft plastic water bottles up to 600ml with lids removed for filling at Riverstage’s free water stations (event dependant) (lids can be deposited at the cloakroom – free service) rugs and blankets (event/capacity dependent) working guide dogs and assistance dogs.