Is WFAN on FM radio?

Is WFAN on FM radio?

WFAN-FM (101.9 FM), branded Sports Radio 66 and 101.9 FM or The Fan, is a commercial sports radio station licensed to New York City. The station is owned and operated by Audacy, Inc., and is simulcast with WFAN (660 AM).

What channel is WFAN on the radio?


Broadcast area New York metropolitan area
Frequency 660 kHz
Branding WFAN Sports Radio 66 and 101.9 FM, The Fan
Slogan Your Flagship Station For New York Sports

How do I listen to WFAN radio?

Listen to WFAN Sports Radio 66AM & 101.9 FM New York on RADIO.COM. Download and listen to WFAN Sports Radio 66AM & 101.9 FM New York, the flagship station for New York sports. LISTEN LIVE at work or while you surf. 24/7 for FREE on RADIO.COM.

Who owns WFAN New York?

CBS Radio

Can I listen to WFAN on my phone?

Supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Conveniently listen to WFAN 66 AM – 101.9 FM via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Is WFAN on TuneIn radio?

WFAN-AM, 660 AM, New York, NY | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn.

Can I listen to the Yankees online?

Great news, Yankees fans – if you live inside the New York City metro market area, you can now stream Yankees games on,, and any devices or smart speakers that play WFAN! If you’re inside the NYC DMA, as defined by Nielsen, you can tune in and start TODAY!

What happened to Richard Neer?

Neer remains at WFAN doing sports talk, working Saturday mornings and some nights. His call-in show was where Mets fans registered disapproval of the team’s decision to run ads targeted at Latinos. He hosted New York Giants NFL broadcasts for several years.

What does WFAN radio stand for?

Acronym. Definition. WFAN. Women, Food and Agriculture Network (Atlantic, Iowa) Copyright 1988-2018, All rights reserved.

How can I listen to live radio on my computer?

To check to see if your station has a live stream simply visit their website and look for a button labeled “Listen Live”, “Live Stream” or something similar. If your station isn’t available via live streaming directly from their website you can try using the awesome TuneIn app for Windows 10.

Where can I listen to the Yankees game?

WACK (1420) / WUUF (103.5 FM) NEWARK NY
WADO (1280) – Spanish Language Flagship NEW YORK NY