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Should you keep your head down in golf?

Should you keep your head down in golf?

Keeping your head down at any point during the golf swing is the last thing you want to tell someone. By keeping your head down, you stifle your upper body’s ability to rotate. A hindered rotation may cause your hands to flip. The more you try to keep your head down, the harder it is to turn through the golf ball.

Why can’t I keep my head down in golf?

The club head strikes the golf ball first, then continues to drive into the grass where eventually the club bottoms out. When golfers are told to “keep their head down”, it robs them of their ability to shift their weight into their left side, and rotate the hips and chest toward the target.

Should I keep my eye on the golf ball?

“Keep your eyes on the ball!” This advice provided by golf amateurs who try to act as golf coaches drives me crazy. Especially if it lacks nuances. While staring at the ball for part of a FULL SWING is beneficial, keeping your eyes on the ball for the entire golf swing is bad: erratic balls and risk of injuries ensue.

Where should your head be when hitting a driver?

So, when playing a driver from the tee, set up with your body in a position that leaves your head just a bit behind the ball. As long as your swing develops properly, your head should be in that same place when impact rolls around.

What is the sweet spot in golf?

It’s the point on the club where, when you hit a golf ball, the centre of gravity is moving directly towards the centre of the gravity of the golf ball. It’s because when the two centre of gravities (club and ball) collide, you get maximum energy transfer, hence the term “sweet spot”.

Why do I keep hitting behind the ball in golf?

During the backswing, the player’s weight is on the back foot. Failure to naturally transfer the weight through the ball and onto the left commonly causes the club to drop behind the ball. The body and the club must work together in a proper weight transfer.

What is the dead drill in golf?

The best thing about this drill is that it’s really simple. As Fleetwood demonstrates, you simply take your golf posture with your arms straight. Then, hit shots focusing on keeping your arms straight. You only need to hit half-shots — no swings big enough that it will force your wrists to break.

What’s the best way to keep your head down when playing golf?

Many golfers benefit from picking a specific spot on the ball which they can watch throughout the swing. At address, find one specific spot on the ball and keep it in your gaze until you have sent the shot on its way. Avoid tilting your head to either side.

Why is it important to keep your head down during a swing?

When thinking about head position during the swing, it is important to remember that it is really the eyes which need to stay down on the ball from start to finish. You need to see the ball if you are going to hit it cleanly, so keeping your eyes down should be a top objective.

Why do golfers lift their heads before hitting the ball?

This is contrast to lifting your head just before impact. It constitutes one of the first – if not the first – swing key instructions given to new golfers. Indeed, beginners are often very anxious to see where the ball will go after they hit it, which leads them to lift their heads too soon.

What happens when you putt with your head down?

If you force your chin down into your chest, thinking that you are doing a good job of keeping your head down, you will actually be interfering with your ability to make a full turn. With your chin down, your shoulders aren’t going to be able to rotate properly going back, and your turn will be cut short as a result.