Was Jagdtiger a good tank?

Was Jagdtiger a good tank?

Though the lack of a turret made them less capable in offensive operations, they were cheaper to build, could carry heavier guns and armor, and remained highly effective at ambushing enemy tanks or providing fire support.

Did the Jagdtiger ever see combat?

Being used only as a rearguard unit, the Jagdtiger did not see any actual combat. During the end of March, first company of s H Pz Jäg Abt 512 went into action against US tank during rearguard actions, losing four Jagdtiger, three of them to breakdowns. Retreating from Unna, one Jagdtiger was lost against US tanks.

How many Jagdtiger tanks are left in the world?

three Jagdtigers
At present, three Jagdtigers survive in different museums around the world.

Is Cromwell a good tank wot?

The Cromwell, or “Crommie”, is a generally well-liked medium tank with impressive maneuverability that no other tier 6 medium tank can offer, but at the cost of rather weak armor. The Cromwell leads to the Comet.

Is a 7 tank an autoloader?

As mentioned above, the IS-7 was equipped with an autoloader. It is not an autoloader in the current sense of the word, however. A more accurate description would be an Automatic Loading Assistance Device, that would be operated by the tank’s two loaders.

Is the Jagdtiger based on a Tiger tank?

However, by the time the Jagdtiger, based on the Tiger II tank, came along two years later, the original need for the vehicle had vanished and it was put to work as a heavy tank destroyer instead. Despite its huge size, impressive armor and powerful main gun, the Jagdtiger failed to live up to expectations.

How big is the hull of a Jagdtiger tank?

The first design (Design A) disregarded the plan to move the engine to the front and kept the engine at the back, but even so, the hull still had to be lengthened by 300 mm. The frontal armor for this vehicle is described by Spielberger, Jentz, and Doyle (2007) as being 150 mm at 40 degrees and 200 mm thick on the 60 degree sloping part.

What was the Jagdtiger used for in World War 2?

German tank destroyers of World War II used fixed casemates instead of fully rotatable turrets to significantly reduce the cost, weight, and materials necessary for mounting large-caliber guns. A wooden mockup of the Jagdtiger presented to Adolf Hitler on 20 October 1943, seen here behind the Italian medium tank Carro Armato P 26/40

Where was Jagdtiger Abt 512 located in World War 2?

In April 1945, s.Pz.Jäg.Abt.512 saw a great deal of action, especially on 9 April, where the 1st Company engaged an Allied column of Sherman tanks and trucks from hull-down positions and destroyed 11 tanks and over 30 unarmored or lightly armored targets, with some of the enemy tanks having been knocked out from a distance of more than 4,000 m.