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Was there a Ura Hogg?

Was there a Ura Hogg?

Texas legend has it that James Stephen Hogg, Governor of Texas from 1890 to 1894, named his daughters Ima and Ura, but that is only half-true: there never was a Ura. Ima had three brothers, Will, Mike, and Tom.

Did Ima Hogg have a sister?

Born in 1882 in Mineola, Texas, Ima Hogg would spend most of her life contending with wisecracks that she had sisters named “Ura” and “Hoosa.” (She didn’t.) She had one older brother, William, and two younger ones, Michael and Thomas.

What was Ima Hogg famous for?

Ima Hogg became an arts patron and a philanthropist. She helped establish the Houston Symphony Orchestra in 1913. She also founded several mental health programs focused on education. But perhaps her most tangible legacy is found in the historic properties she bequeathed to the state.

Where is Ima Hogg?

Mineola, Texas, United States
Ima Hogg/Place of birth

How did Ima Hogg get her money?

The discovery of oil on her family’s cotton plantation made Hogg very wealthy, and she used this income to benefit the people of Texas. In 1929, she founded the Houston Child Guidance Center, which provides counseling for children with mental health problems or diagnoses and their families.

How Ms IMA came to have been given the name of IMA?

She was born in Mineola , Texas , in 1882, the second of four children for Sarah Ann “Sallie” and James Stephen “Big Jim” Hogg. The baby was greeted with joy and quickly named Ima, after the heroine in a poem penned by her uncle.

What is a Hogg?

1. an uncastrated male pig. 2. a sheep of either sex aged between birth and second shearing.

When was Ima Hogg born?

July 10, 1882
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Ima Hogg, philanthropist and patron of the arts, daughter of Sarah Ann (Stinson) and Governor James Stephen Hogg, was born in Mineola, Texas, on July 10, 1882.

What is the first name of philanthropist Hogg?

James Stephen Hogg
James Stephen Hogg, her father, who was a district attorney in Mineola, Tex., and later Governor of the state, gave her the name when she was born July 10, 1882.

What is Hogg slang for?

Definition of ‘hogg’ 1. an uncastrated male pig. 2. a sheep of either sex aged between birth and second shearing.

What is IMA Hoggs full name?

According to Virginia Bernhard’s biography of Ima Hogg, “there are some who believe that James Stephen Hogg … named his only daughter Ima Hogg to attract the attention of Texas voters” in a year when he was running in a close race for district attorney of the Seventh District in Texas, which he won.

What are the names of Ura and Ima Hogg?

Dear Ann: Fifty years ago, when my brother, my sister and I used to visit our grandparents in Texas, we were told that the venerable Hogg family had not one but two daughters. They were named Ima and Ura.

How old was Ura Hogg when she died?

Ima grew up to be a well-respected and much-admired philanthropist and founder of the Houston Symphony. She also started the first child guidance clinic in the United States in 1927 and founded the Hogg Mental Health Foundation in Houston. She never married or had children, and she died in 1975 at the ripe old age of 93.

What was Ima Hogg’s last name before she died?

Hogg did not use a nickname until several months before her death when she began calling herself “Imogene”. Her last passport was issued to “Ima Imogene Hogg”. Contrary to popular belief, Ima did not have a sister named Ura.

Who are the Daughters of Ura Hogg of Houston?

Dear Ann: The Hogg family of Houston actually had two daughters who were songwriters. In 1951, I worked in the music library of WLS radio when it was a prairie-farmer station in Chicago. While going through old papers, I ran across some sheet music by the daughters, Ima and Yura Hogg.