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Was there an 1860 US census?

Was there an 1860 US census?

Population of the United States in 1860, compiled from the original returns of the Eighth Census under the Secretary of the Interior.

What were the census categories in 1860?

Enumerators were asked to include the following categories in the census: name; age as of the census day; sex; color; birthplace; occupation of persons over age fifteen; value of real estate; whether married within the previous year; whether deaf, dumb, blind, insane, a pauper, or a convict; whether able to read or …

What were the population characteristics of the US by 1860?

POP Culture: 1860

The 1860 Census 10 Largest Urban Places
U.S. Resident Population: 31,443,321 Population
Population per square mile of land area: 10.6 813,669
Percent increase of population from 1850 to 1860: 35.6 565,529
Official Enumeration Date: June 1 266,661

How many slaves were in the north in 1860?

In 1840, the slave population reached its peak of nearly 59,000 people; by 1860, there were 37,000 enslaved people, just 63 percent as many slaves as two decades earlier.

What was the largest city in the south in 1860?

Top 11 Largest Cities in the American Confederacy (1860)

  • New Orleans, LA (168,675)
  • Charleston, SC (40,522)
  • Richmond, VA (37,910)
  • Mobile, AL (29,258)
  • Memphis, TN (22,623)
  • Savannah, GA (22,292)
  • Petersburg, VA (18,266)
  • Nashville, TN (16,988)

What percentage of the African American population was enslaved according to the 1860 census?

89 percent
Of the 4.4 million African Americans in the US before the war, almost four million of these people were held as slaves; meaning that for all African Americans living in the US in 1860, there was an 89 percent* chance that they lived in slavery.

What was the last state to free slaves?

West Virginia became the 35th state on June 20, 1863, and the last slave state admitted to the Union. Eighteen months later, the West Virginia legislature completely abolished slavery, and also ratified the 13th Amendment on February 3, 1865.