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What 9mm is made in Turkey?

What 9mm is made in Turkey?

Canik TP9 Elite Combat specs

Manufacturer: Canik
Materials: Steel barrel and slide, polymer frame
Sights: Adjustable rear and front sights
Magazine Capacity: 15-18 rounds
Weight: 29.2 oz/830 g

Where are the canik pistols made?

Canik is the trademark of pistols manufactured by Samsun Domestic Defense and Industry Corporation, a subsidiary of Aral Industry Corporation. The company was established in 1997 and is located in Samsun, Turkey.

Who is Nutnfancy?

Richard Hewitt
Nutnfancy (real name Richard Hewitt) is a producer of firearms related YouTube videos as well as a 20 year veteran of the United States Air Force.

Is canik 9mm good?

It’s a quality handgun that fires great and is fun to shoot. The TP9SF comes with some high-grade features–most notably its trigger–and a reliability factor you would come to expect for a conceal carry firearm. Not only that…But the Canik is perfect for those on a budget!

What handguns are made in Turkey?


Model Caliber Origin
SAR 9 9×19mm Parabellum Turkey
TP9 9×19mm Parabellum Germany Turkey
Yavuz 16 9×19mm Parabellum Italy Turkey
K2000 9×19mm Parabellum Czech Republic Turkey

What does canik mean in Turkish?

a place of refuge
“Canik” is a word in the old Turkish language meaning “a place of refuge”. Samsun Yurt Savunma built a factory near a mountain bearing this name; accordingly, its new line of polymer pistols was called Canik.

Is canik better than Glock?

Despite not having the service record or reputation of the Glock, the Canik TP9SA is also quite reliable, and it actually offered better accuracy than the Glock with Winchester NATO-spec 124gr +P, making it more appropriate for competition use.

Is Mishaco from YouTube blind?

Trotter is a federally licensed firearms salesman and distributor, and has been the owner and operator of Ozark Bear Arms since 2009. He buys and sells firearms out of his home, and he does this all blind. All of this in addition to his own YouTube channel, Mishaco, where he shows off old and new guns just for fun.

What rank was Nutnfancy?

He claims to be a conservative Christian patriot veteran Air Force pilot and former Lieutenant Colonel. Creating his YouTube account on July 9, 2006, Lieutenant Colonel Nutnfancy is one of the top YouTube video gun bloggers with over 272,095,511 views and 741,598 subscribers as of February 18, 2018.

Are canik pistols reliable?

Purportedly, the Canik 55 pistols and the various iterations thereof were provided to NATO forces as sidearms. Their CZ-derived pistols have a solid reputation as a great budget-friendly handgun. Reliable, accurate, and not terrifically expensive to acquire.

Are Stoeger shotguns made in Turkey?

While many Turkish-made shotguns are considered to be of the “economy model” variety, one brand — Stoeger — sits at the top of the heap. Stoeger semi-autos are made in Turkey, but as a Benelli affiliate, they are powered by their Italian parent company’s proven and reliable Inertia Driven operating system.