What accent is Russell Crowe doing in Robin Hood?

What accent is Russell Crowe doing in Robin Hood?

LONDON (Reuters) – Actor Russell Crowe stormed out of a BBC radio interview after suggestions that he had made the quintessentially British legend Robin Hood sound Irish in his latest movie.

Is there a Robin Hood 2 with Russell Crowe?

It’s been confirmed that Russell Crowe will be filming the sequel for Robin Hood next year, but the REAL question that we have is if the Sheriff of Nottingham (Matthew Macfadyen) will make an appearance. The first movie does leave the possibility open for the Sheriff to be involved. Keep your fingers crossed!

How long is the movie Robin Hood with Russell Crowe?

2h 20m
Robin Hood/Running time

Where was Robin Hood filmed with Russell Crowe?

The Ridley Scott blockbuster, starring Russell Crowe as the man who steals from the rich and gives to the poor, was filmed at National Trust properties around Britain, though not Sherwood Forest.

What accent did Robin Hood have?

At the time, people questioned his Aussie turned British accent and pondered over how he’d managed to create his own twang. But it appears the 54-year-old has finally revealed his inspiration behind the voice, as he hit back at a fan who questioned his accent on Twitter.

Why didn’t Kevin Costner speak with an English accent in Robin Hood?

Costner was determined to sound English. Reynolds, fearful that would prove distracting to audiences, urged him to drop it. The issue was never resolved: Costner’s English accent surfaces in some scenes and vanishes in others.

What was Robin Hoods real name?

As the earl, Robin’s real name is sometimes said to be Robin Fitzooth, or the lord of Locksley Hall. In the television series Robin of Sherwood, Robin of Loxley is killed, and Robert of Huntingdon becomes the second Robin Hood.

Did Robin Hood lose money?

It lost $1.4 billion during that period, far wider than a loss of $53 million a year ago. The company attributed the loss to $3.5 billion in debt that it raised in February. In 2020, Robinhood eked out a profit of $7 million.

Who stole from the rich and gave to the poor?

Robin Hood
Robin Hood was a philanthropist who robbed the rich to give to the poor.

Is Robin Hood 2010 historically accurate?

Robin Hood, the 2010 version starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett and directed by Ridley Scott, could well be the most historically accurate of all the poems, legends, songs, movies, and television shows that have been created about the legendary English outlaw who stole from the rich and gave to the poor.

What accent is Russell Crowe?

Russell’s long been ridiculed for his accent in the film and he even walked out of an interview with BBC Radio 4 eight years ago after the interviewer accused him of sounding Irish. “You’ve got dead ears, mate. You’ve seriously got dead ears if you think that’s an Irish accent,” he hit back.

When did Russell Crowe get the role of Robin Hood?

By February 2009, Scott revealed Nottingham had become his version of Robin Hood, as he had become dissatisfied with the idea of Robin starting as the Sheriff. Russell Crowe was cast into the role of Robin Hood in January 2007, with a fee of $20 million against 20% of the gross.

What was the name of the previous Robin Hood movie?

Scott claimed two previous film adaptations of Robin Hood: The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) and Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves (1991) had failed to hit the target, saying “the best, frankly, was Mel Brooks ‘s Men in Tights (1993), because Cary Elwes was quite a comic”.

How long is the director’s cut of Robin Hood?

On DVD and Blu-ray Disc, the 16-minutes longer “Director’s Cut” contains slightly more violence and expanded battles and additional character development. See more » Q: Does the film attempt to incorporate the Robin Hood legend into the history of Magna Carta?

Where are the end credits in Robin Hood?

Robin Longstride : If you thought it was hard getting wages from him when he was alive, try getting wages from a dead king. The first part of the end credits are in the same style as Ridley Scott ‘s production company ‘Scott Free Productions’.