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What age did Dane Reynolds start surfing?

What age did Dane Reynolds start surfing?

Reynolds started surfing at the age of 10 after he moved from Bakersfield, California to Ventura. It was here on the point breaks around Santa Barbara and Ventura that he honed his progressive style of surfing. Reynolds first started competing at age 13 and at 16 had dropped out of school to surf.

How old is Dane Reynolds?

36 years (September 7, 1985)
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How tall is Dane Reynolds?

1.83 m
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Where did Dane Reynolds go to high school?

Ventura High School
Ventura High School had problems with how much school Reynolds was missing for surf trips, so he enrolled in a home schooling program. He never graduated. “I’d be pretty lost if the surfing thing didn’t work out because I didn’t plan for any other possibility,” he said.

What fins does Dane Reynolds use?

The new Dane fin is the next level in performance, power and progression. “They are slightly more upright with larger side fins and a smaller center fin. I find they work in tight transitions, but have a lot of drive….Dane Reynolds Large (Single Tab)

Fin Specification Side Fins Center Fin
Area 16.73 14.36
Height 4.75 4.4
Base 4.62 4.36
Foil Flat 50/50

How many kids does Dane Reynolds have?

Professional surfer Dane Reynolds and his wife, Courtney, welcomed their second and third children into the world late Sunday evening. To be more specific, they had twin girls and named them Bobbie and Maggie.

How much does Dane Reynolds make?

Dane Reynolds — $3.9 Million per year What makes this surfer stand out among the competition is his lack of formal training. He doesn’t even have a coach. However, he does have a net worth of almost $4 million, and he’s got several lucrative endorsements.

What size boards does Dane Reynolds ride?

Dane himself rides a 5ft 8 x 19.5 x 2.437 as a small wave groveler and a 5ft 9 x 19 x 2.375 as a utility board.

How many liters is Dane Reynolds?

from CI Surfboards Britt Merrick, son of Al, explains that it’s made for “fast down the line surfing and huge rail gouges.” It’s got channels (long live the nineties!) and Dane rides his 5’11 x 19 x 2 3/8, 28.8 litres.

Who is Craig Anderson surfer?

Born in South Africa, from the age of 15 Craig Anderson grew up in Merewether Beach in Newcastle, Australia. Today, it is from this home base that he travels the globe chasing the swells and filming for various projects for both his list of major sponsors as well as his own creative ventures.