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What are bonus points on Scholastic?

What are bonus points on Scholastic?

The Bonus Points you earn for your classroom are deposited in your own electronic classroom Bonus Point Bank account. There are no more paper certificates. You get a Bonus Point balance summary with every order.

Can I use Scholastic bonus points on books?

More than 500 new, exclusive BONUS items—classroom resources you can get for FREE with your Bonus Points. Redeem Dollars to Spend in the same order you earn them for FREE Books and resources—think of them as use-it-right-now gift cards from Book Clubs to you!

Is Scholastic Book Club worth it?

Scholastic book orders and book fairs are absolutely worth it, and placing book orders through Scholastic also earns points for your school which can be spent on more books and resources for classrooms or libraries. But that doesn’t mean my answer is the only correct answer.

Do scholastic bonus points expire?

Scholastic Bonus Points and classroom bonuses are awarded for the exclusive and mutual benefit of all participating students, teachers, classrooms, and schools. Not for personal use. Remember, Bonus Points don’t expire, but items in this catalog are only available through 6…

Where are my scholastic bonus points?

How do I keep track of my classroom Bonus Points? You may also check your classroom Bonus Point balance by phone. Simply call our interactive voice response system 24 hours a day at 1-877-BonusPoint (1-877-266-8776).

Do Scholastic bonus points expire?

Where are my Scholastic bonus points?

How many free books do teachers get from Scholastic?

This year, teachers can earn 10,000 bonus points and $30 to spend if they place a $300 order. This translates to almost $300 worth of free books and materials for your child’s classroom, and Scholastic also sends the teacher 10 free books.

Are books cheaper through Scholastic?

But I also really love a bargain. My kids are book keepers — that is, they don’t mind borrowing from the library, but there are some series that they love so much that they want to own them. Buying these books through Scholastic in paperback saves you more than half off hard cover price.

How do I use scholastic bonus bank?

Redeeming Rewards It’s easy, you can redeem Bonus Bank Rewards to purchase any item on the site! All you have to do is apply your Bonus Bank Rewards upon checkout.