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What are deep drive sockets for?

What are deep drive sockets for?

Deep sockets are useful for turning nuts onto bolts when the bolt extends upwards into the socket (as in the case of many bolted joints), a very typical example being exhaust clamp bolts on a car.

What is the difference between a deep well socket and standard socket?

A normal, shallow socket may not even touch the nut before the top of the stud or bolt hits the end of the socket. In this case, a deep socket is necessary to accommodate the long end of the bolt and fit snugly around the nut. Having some deep sockets on hand can be helpful for situations like this.

Do plumbers use socket wrenches?

The Eastman Plumber’s socket set is used to remove and install shower and tub fittings and nuts. The engraved sizing of each socket helps in quick and easy wrench selection. A must plumbing socket wrench set for professional plumbers.

How deep is a deep socket?

A deep socket will generally be around one inch long. This will allow you to use a socket wrench in inaccessible places, especially if you have an extension on the driver.

Should I get deep or standard sockets?

Deep sockets are better for specific jobs instead of general use. If you have bolted joints, they make a much better option for your socket wrench than shallow sockets. Because the length of the bolt means the nut will need to go further into the socket, deep sockets are a much better choice.

Do plumbers use ratchets?

You won’t just be using a ratchet set for plumbing problems, as these will come in handy for many home projects and mechanical jobs. There will be times when you will need your ratchets on a plumbing job, so make sure that you have access to a good set.

What is a plumbers wrench called?

Pipe wrenches, sometimes referred to as monkey wrenches, are used by plumbers, drillers and many other trades that work with threaded piping.

Do they make extra deep sockets?

We offer extra deep impact sockets with 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4″ ,1”, 1-1/2”, and #5 spline drives.

How long are extra deep sockets?

A: The overall length is 5.85 in.