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What are listed items in JCT?

What are listed items in JCT?

Listed Items – Clause 4.15 refers to “Listed Items” in the Contract that are pre-agreed items to be included in interim payments for payment off-site. Listed Items will include the value of such materials and once paid, ownership passes to the Employer.

What should be included in a vesting certificate?

A vesting certificate or agreement for construction goods, plant or materials, in letter form, used to confirm that ownership of the goods, plant or materials will transfer from one party to another on payment.

What is a schedule of amendments JCT?

Schedule of amendments to JCT Standard Building Contract, 2016 Edition • Maintained. Schedule of third party rights to be provided by a contractor • Maintained. Schedule of third party rights to be provided by a professional consultant. Schedule of third party rights to be provided by a sub-contractor.

What are JCT clauses?

These clauses require the contractor to take out and maintain a policy in joint names with the property owner (employer) for the works only. These clauses of the JCT contract require the property owner (employer) to insure both the existing structure and the works in joint names with the contractor.

What is the JCT Design and Build contract?

The JCT Design and Build Contract is designed for construction projects where the contractor carries out both the design and the construction work. Design and build projects can vary in scale, but the Design and Build Contract is generally suitable where detailed provisions are needed.

Can a JCT contract be assigned?

Assignment provisions in standard forms JCT—the JCT Design and Build Contract and Standard Building Contract (2011 and 2016) provide that neither party may assign without the other party’s consent (clause 7.1).

Who provides a vesting certificate?

Vesting clauses sometimes use a complementary device in the form of “vesting certificates,” issued by a contractor or supplier, which denote the transfer of title to identified goods.

Why do you need a vesting certificate?

Vesting certificates may be required where specific goods or materials are stored off-site but, on payment, the title in such goods or materials passes to the paying party. Vesting certificates provide security should the provider of goods or materials become insolvent before the items are delivered to site.

How does JCT contract work?

JCT contracts facilitate the process of constructing buildings. In simple terms, contracts set out the responsibilities of all parties within the construction process and their obligations, so it is clear as to what work needs to be done, who is doing it, when are they doing it by, and for how much.

How many types of JCT contracts are there?

Design and build 18 For design and build procurement there are three main types of contract: Package deal or turnkey contract – where the client settles on a complete package, usually to some standard specification from a commercial firm.

Why use JCT Minor Works contract?

The JCT Minor Works Building Contract is designed for smaller, basic construction projects where the work is of a simple nature. Minor Works Building Contracts are suitable for projects procured via the traditional or conventional method.

When should I use a JCT contract?

People within the construction industry use JCT contracts primarily to have a standard document to rely upon when a dispute arises. Dangers surrounding the industry are addressed. JCT contracts are also used as a means of protecting employers against poor contractors.