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What are some good truck driving songs?

What are some good truck driving songs?

The Top 15 Trucking Songs

  • I’ve Been Everywhere by Johnny Cash. Kicking off the list is this classic trucking song.
  • Convoy by C.W.
  • Truckin’ by The Grateful Dead.
  • C.B. Savage by Rod Hart.
  • On the Road Again by Willie Nelson.
  • Phantom 309 by Red Sovine.
  • White Line Fever by Merle Haggard.
  • 30,000 Pounds of Bananas by Harry Chapin.

Who sang truckers?

Classic Trucking Songs

  • 18 Wheels and a Dozen Roses: Kathy Mattea.
  • On the Road Again: Willie Nelson.
  • Eastbound and Down: Jerry Reed.
  • Driving My Life Away: Eddie Rabbitt.
  • Kansas City: Wilbert Harrison.
  • Truck Driving Man: Buck Owen.
  • Movin On: Merle Haggard.
  • I’ve Been Everywhere: Johnny Cash.

Is 55 too old to become a truck driver?

While there is a minimum age requirement for becoming a truck driver — in most cases, to be eligible for employment, you need to be at least 21 years old — one of the great things about Professional Truck Driving is that there is no maximum-age cutoff point.

What is a Jimmy and a white?

the Jimmy is a GMC truck and the White is, guess what, a brand of truck called the White.

How many axles does an 18 wheeler have?

An 18 wheeler has a total of five (5) axles.

Who sang Phantom 309?

Red Sovine
Phantom 309/Artists
Red Sovine released the song “Phantom 309” in 1967, almost a decade before CB truckin’ songs became super popular. It’s about a haunted 18-wheeler. The song is a first-person narrative by a hitchhiker who’s trying to return home from the West Coast.

How old is the oldest truck driver?

At 97, Floyd Van Alstyne, claimed to be the oldest truck driver in America.

What is a Jimmy in trucker talk?

“Jimmy” – a GMC tractor. “K-Whopper” / “K-Wobbler” / “KW” – a Kenworth Tractor. “Kiddy Car” – Refers to a school bus. Some bus drivers have a CB and will say ” Kiddy Car stopping ahead” “Little Cheese” – A small school bus, usually built on a 1-ton van chassis (aka cutaway).

What are some trucking songs?

10 Best Country Truck Driving Songs of All Time 10. “Girl on the Billboard,” Del Reeves 9. “Phantom 309,” Red Sovine 8. “Truck Driving Man,” Terry Fell 7. ” White Line Fever ,” Merle Haggard 6. “Me & Bobby McGee,” Roger Miller 5. “30,000 Pounds of Bananas,” Harry Chapin 4. “Hammer Going Down,” Chris Knight 3. “Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler),” Alabama

What are some Country Songs About Trucks?


  • East Bound and Down
  • Pickup Man
  • Mud on the Tires
  • I Drive Your Truck
  • Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck
  • Roll On Eighteen Wheeler
  • Drive (For Daddy Gene)
  • That Ain’t My Truck
  • Six Days on the Road
  • Who sings the song Keep on trucking?

    “Keep on Truckin'” is a 1973 hit song recorded by Eddie Kendricks for Motown Records ‘ Tamla label. The song was Kendricks’ first major hit as a solo artist, coming two years after his departure from The Temptations.