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What are the 12 minor piano chords?

What are the 12 minor piano chords?

What are minor piano chords?

  • C minor (Cm). C – Eb – G.
  • C# minor (C#m). C# – E – G#
  • D minor (Dm). D – F -A.
  • Eb minor (Ebm). Eb – Gb – Bb.
  • E minor (Em). E – G – B.
  • F minor (Fm). F – Ab – C.
  • F# minor (F#m). F# – A – C#
  • G minor (Gm). G – Bb – D.

What are all the major and minor scales on the piano?

Scales and chords

  • C Major (notes: C – E – G)
  • D Minor (notes: D – F – A)
  • E Minor (notes: E – G – B)
  • F Major (notes: F – A – C)
  • G Major (notes: G – B – D)
  • A Minor (notes: A – C – E)
  • B Diminished (notes: B – D – F)

What are 2 octave major scales?

Two Octaves Of The C Major Scale

  • It enables you to switch positions easily (good for moving up or down the neck)
  • It helps you visualise the scale across the whole of the fretboard rather than in a single position.
  • Music exams often require you to play scales over two octaves.

What scales should I learn first on piano?

The C Major Scale is the scale that most who have studied the piano traditionally learn first. It might be called the easiest scale, as it contains no sharps or flats (it consists of all white, otherwise known as natural, keys).

What major has two sharps?

D major
D major (or the key of D) is a major scale based on D, consisting of the pitches D, E, F♯, G, A, B, and C♯. Its key signature has two sharps. Its relative minor is B minor and its parallel minor is D minor.

What are the fingerings for the 12 major scales?

H ere are the piano fingerings for all twelve major scales, in circle of fifths order. The numbers correspond to the fingers of the left hands (LH) and right hands (RH): Click Here And Learn Basic Piano Fingerings Fast!

What are the major and minor piano scales?

Minor Scales 1 , G, A, B, C, D, and E. 2 B Minor Scale. The B Minor scale includes 2 sharps and consists of the notes B, C#, D, E, F#, G, A, and B. 3 D Minor Scale. The D Minor Scale is slightly different as it does not include any sharps. 4 C Minor. The C Minor scale is the relative minor to Eflat Major. 5 F Minor.

What are the different types of piano fingerings?

1 C Major (0 sharps/ flats) 2 G Major (1 Sharp: F) 3 D Major (2 Sharps: F, C) 4 A Major (3 Sharps: F, C, G) 5 E Major (4 Sharps: F, C, G, D) 6 B Major (5 Sharps: F, C, G, D, A) 7 Gb Major (6 flats: B, E, A, D, G, C) 8 Db Major (5 flats: B, E, A, D, G) 9 Ab Major (4 flats: B, E, A, D) 10 Eb Major (3 flats: B, E, A)

What are the fingerings for major and minor arpeggios?

Many of the major and minor scales and arpeggios also use the same fingerings. Use the tables below as fingering guides for practicing scales and arpeggios. This article assumes that the player knows what notes make a scale or arpeggio major or minor and the accidentals that are used in all of the key signatures.