What are the 4 animal personality types?

What are the 4 animal personality types?

The Four Animals Personality Assessment Model by Gary Smalley categorizes personality types into 4 categories (animals): the lion, otter, beaver and golden retriever. The lion, described as powerful and a driver, is what I was immediately categorized as, with the otter, described as popular and expressive second.

What is Smalley personality test?

This quick, fun test gives you some insight of what kind of personality you have. At the end, you’ll be given “dominant” and “sub dominant” personality characteristics which match the answers you give.

What is an otter personality?

Otters are excitable, fun seeking, cheerleader types who love to talk! They’re great at motivating others and need to be in an environment where they can talk and have a vote on major decisions. The otters’ outgoing nature makes them great networkers—they usually know a lot of people who know a lot of people.

What is a beaver personality?

Beaver personalities are very creative. They desire to solve everything and desire to take their time and do it right. Beavers do not like sudden changes, they need to stick to the described plan and instructions, and often need reassurance.

What is the lion afraid of?

Though they probably don’t experience the feelings of bravery quite like we do, they’re not afraid to hunt big, dangerous prey. “They’re the least afraid of anything of all the predators,” says Craig Packer, an ecologist with the University of Minnesota and one of the world’s foremost lion experts.

What personality type is a dolphin?

ENFP – The Dolphin Smart, friendly, and curious – dolphins capture many of the personality traits we love about ENFPs. These marine mammals are very creative and inventive, finding unique ways to capture fish and survive.

What personality type is a lion?

ESTJ: Lion ESTJs are assertive, organized, natural-born leaders who don’t typically let emotions cloud their judgement.

What animals represent personality?

The Spirit Animals of the 16 Personality Types

  • INFP: Narwhal. Narwhals, the unicorns of the sea, are mystical and unique creatures just like INFPs.
  • ENFP: Dolphin. Dolphins are warm, curious and intelligent, which are all characteristics of ENFPs.
  • INFJ: Snow Leopard.
  • ENFJ: Panda.
  • INTP: Owl.
  • ENTP: Fox.
  • INTJ: Eagle.
  • ENTJ: Lion.

What does an otter mean spiritually?

Otter symbolism and meanings include playfulness, laughter, and mischievousness, as well as creativity, transformation, and psychic abilities. In addition, the otter spirit animal appears in the spiritual belief systems of people around the world.

Are otters affectionate?

It’s unusual enough to have otters for pets, but it’s even more surprising when those otters are squealing, attention-loving companions who want nothing more than to be scratched on the head and cuddled by their human. But adorable otters aren’t the only ones living with Ryusuke.

Are beavers aggressive?

Beavers are not dangerous if left alone. However, they will stand their ground and confront a threat. If trapped or cornered, a beaver will attack a human. The rodents’ sharp teeth may cause serious injury as well as infection.

Are beavers intelligent?

Beavers are master builders, among other things. Beavers are more than capable of fixing any leaks that spring in their structures — and studies show they’re highly attentive to the sound of trickling water.

How does the Smalley Trent personality test work?

This quick, fun test gives you some insight of what kind of personality you have. At the end, you’ll be given “dominant” and “sub dominant” personality characteristics which match the answers you give.

What does L stand for in an animal personality test?

Since most people love and are very familiar with the way certain animals act, I developed this personality-assessment tool using animals. The L stands for Lion; O, for Otter; G, for Golden Retriever; and B, for Beaver).

When to take the 4 animals personality test?

You can take the 4 animals personality test in a few minutes. The goal is to give you a picture of your and your spouse’s unique, God-given strengths. During my doctoral program, I studied many different tests that were created to help people see their strengths.

How to take and score a personality type inventory?

(from Making Love Last Forever, Ch. 10: Understanding Personality Types: A Key to Lovability) How to Take and Score the Inventory 1. For each temperament type, circle the positive traits (in the left column) that sound the