What are the 4 regions of PNG?

What are the 4 regions of PNG?

The four regions of PNG (Islands, Momase, Southern and Highlands and their provinces)

How many regions are there in PNG?

four regions
Description: The four regions of Papua New Guinea often seen as secondary administrative divisions to the province-level divisions.

What is the former name for momase region?

Morobe. Sandaun (West Sepik)

How many provinces are in momase region?

four provinces
Made up of four provinces – East Sepik, Madang, Morobe and West Sepik, this region takes in the second largest city of the nation, Lae, which is the capital of Morobe Province. Lae is situated at the beginning of the Highlands Highway, the main transport corridor to the coast.

What is the language in Papua New Guinea?

Tok Pisin
EnglishHiri Motu
Papua New Guinea/Official languages
Things were further complicated in the 1800s by the arrival of English- and German-speaking colonists. After independence, Papua New Guinea adopted three official languages. English is the first. Tok Pisin, a creole, is the second; Hiri Motu, a simplified version of Motu, an Austronesian language, is the third.

What are the 22 provinces in PNG?

The provinces are as follows:

  • Central.
  • Chimbu (Simbu)
  • Eastern Highlands.
  • East New Britain.
  • East Sepik.
  • Enga.
  • Gulf.
  • Madang.

How many Muslims are in Papua New Guinea?


Muslim population 2,000 157th out of 177
Religions Roman Catholic 27%, Evangelical Lutheran 19.5%, United Church 11.5%, Seventh-Day Adventist 10%, Pentecostal 8.6%, Evangelical Alliance 5.2%, Anglican 3.2%, Baptist 2.5%, other Protestant 8.9%, Bahai 0.3%, indigenous beliefs and other 3.3%

What is the main religion in Papua New Guinea?

Approximately 26 percent of the population is Roman Catholic; 18 percent Evangelical Lutheran; 13 percent Seventh-day Adventist; 10 percent Pentecostal; 10 percent United Church (an offspring of the London Missionary Society, Australian Methodist Church, and the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand); 6 percent …

How do you say hello in Papua New Guinea?

Papua New Guinean Culture

  1. The general customary greeting is to shake hands and to ask “yuorait” – “How are you?”
  2. People commonly clasp hands with one another to greet or grasp each other around the hips.
  3. A nod of acknowledgement may also suffice.

Why do we have provinces in PNG?

For administrative purposes, Papua New Guinea is divided into administrative divisions called provinces. There are 22 province-level divisions, which include 20 provinces, the autonomous region of Bougainville and the National Capital District of Port Moresby.