What are the ages of Yakko Wakko and Dot?

What are the ages of Yakko Wakko and Dot?

Dot was born on May 10, 2011 near the Warner Brothers Hospital, Yakko And Wakko Will Be 29 in the year 2019, Dot will be 8 Years Old this year.

Who is older Dot or Wakko?

Yakko (the oldest child) is a wise-cracking smart-aleck and usually acts as the leader of the trio; Wakko (the middle child) has a Liverpool accent, a huge appetite and a gag bag filled with tricks, and Dot (the youngest child) is cute, sassy and witty.

What is Dot’s full name?

Sherri Stoner invented Dot’s full name (Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca III) using the song “The Name Game” by Shirley Ellis, and also patterned it after Pippi Longstocking’s full name: Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Ephraim’s Daughter Longstocking.

Why are they called Yakko Wakko and Dot?

For a brief period, there were four Warner siblings—Yakky, Smakky, Wakky, and little sister, Dot. As the studio artists honed the designs, Yakky became Yakko, and Smakky and Wakky were melded into Wakko. After getting clearance from the Warner estate to use the family name, the show was off and running.

Are Yakko Wakko and Dot cats?

Although they looked somewhat like dogs & cats with floppy ears, a snout, and tails, the Warners’ specific species was never explicitly declared. Ruegger had said that the Warners were cartoon characters (also known as Toons), and that their species was “Cartoonus characterus”.

What gender is Wakko?


Wakko Warner
Species Unknown
Gender Male
Aliases Warner Brother
Relatives Yakko and Dot Warner

Why did the Animaniacs get Cancelled?

The popular animated variety series Animaniacs was canceled by Warner Bros in 1998 after making a decision that alienated it from its core fanbase. The series began when the three Warners escaped from a tower at Warner Brothers studios that they’d been trapped in since the 1930s.

Is Dot a girl Animaniacs?

As she is the only girl in her family, she often refers to herself as “and the Warner sister!” She is also the self-proclaimed cutest character on the show and takes great pride in her appearance, as well as her sardonic wit….

Dot Warner
Segment Yakko, Wakko, and Dot
First Episode De-Zanitized

How old is Wakko?

11 years old
Wakko (voiced by Jess Harnell) – Wakko is the middle sibling—at 11 years old—who has a huge appetite and magical “gag bag” full of tricks.

Is Animaniacs a boomerang?

Later, Warner Bros. Animaniacs does not currently air on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, or its sister network, Nicktoons, nor does it (or any other 1990s Warner Bros. show) air on Boomerang, the usual “dumping ground” for Warner Bros. ‘ animated reruns.

Who are the characters in the cartoon Yakko and Wakko?

Yakko, Wakko and Dot Warner, also known as “The WB Kids,” ” The Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister) ” or ” The Warner Siblings “, or just simply ” The Warners “, are the three titular cartoon characters featured on the animated series

Who is the most Wakko of the Animaniacs?

Wakko is the one with the hat and despite the name, he is not the most Wakko of the group. Animaniacs. The trio of red-nosed Warner siblings were considered to be the stars of the ensemble of characters on the show. They all appear in the Animaniacs logo, and the show usually begins and ends with gags performed by them.

How old are Yakko, Wakko and Dot?

Yakko is the oldest of his siblings, though his age is never revealed in the show (according to Tom Ruegger, Yakko is 14). He is the same species as the other Warners and is a little taller than Dot, but he is the same height as Buster Bunny.

What did Wakko and Dot wear in Tiny Toon Adventures?

Yakko is tall and wears tan pants with a black belt, Wakko wears a blue shirt and a red baseball cap backwards, and Dot wears a pink skirt and a daisy in her ears. Although Tiny Toon Adventures had ended by the time Animaniacs premiered, Yakko, Wakko and Dot made a very brief cameo in Tiny Toon Spring Break.