What are the best classical guitar brands?

What are the best classical guitar brands?

The best classical guitars available today

  1. Taylor Academy 12e-N. Simply the best classical guitar for most people.
  2. Cordoba C7-CE. Gorgeous Spanish-specific nylon with onboard electronics.
  3. Ovation Timeless Legend.
  4. Yamaha C40II.
  5. Washburn Festival EACT42S.
  6. Cordoba GK Pro Negra.
  7. Godin ACS-SA Slim.
  8. Takamine GC-6CE.

What is a good price for a classical guitar?

A beginner can expect to pay in the $150-$200 range, an advanced beginner around $500-$800 and an intermediate player in the $1,500-$2,000 range. For expert or concert players, luthier-made guitars cost more than $5,000. A costlier guitar is not always a better guitar. A cheaper guitar is not always bad.

What is the most expensive classical guitar?

Kurt Cobain’s vintage Martin D-18E, which he played on MTV Unplugged in 1993, holds the record for any guitar after selling for $6 million in June 2020. Several other guitars played by recent artists have broken the million dollar mark. But when it comes to historical instruments, the figures don’t even come close.

Why are classical guitars so expensive?

The price of a good classical guitar reflects the skill and reputation of the builder, and the amount of labor and skill that went into building that particular instrument. It also reflects the materials that went into it’s construction. Good classical tuning machines alone cost anywhere from $300 to $1,000.

Are classical guitars worth it?

Learning to play classical guitar music will not make immediately make you a better rock, blues or metal guitar player. It will, however, make you a better technical player, which often translates to a better command of the instrument. This in turn will help you get better at other musical styles.

Should I buy a cheap classical guitar?

Budget. Classical guitars are popular among beginner players because they tend to be a bit cheaper to purchase than a regular acoustic. It can be extremely discouraging to put time into learning guitar only to produce poor sounding music because you are playing a guitar with low tone quality.

Do classical guitars get better with age?

Classical guitars get better with age when they are made of quality wood and have been well-cared-for. They sound better because, as the wood ages, its natural properties change, and it becomes dryer, lighter, and more resonant.

Who is the most famous classical guitarist?

The Greatest Classical Guitarists

  • Andrés Segovia. Born in Andalusia, Spain, in 1893, Andrés Segovia is regarded as one of the finest guitarists of all time.
  • John Williams.
  • Julian Bream.
  • Miloš Karadaglić
  • Manuel Barrueco.
  • Pepe Romero.

Is classical guitar the hardest?

The reason why classical guitar is hard is because the shape of the neck. Wider Neck: Meaning that the distance between the top of the fret to the bottom of the fret is longer than other guitar types. This means that chords are harder to play because your fingers are required to stretch more.