What are the names of underwater dinosaurs?

What are the names of underwater dinosaurs?

There were many aquatic reptiles that lived during the time of the dinosaurs, including plesiosaurs, nothosaurs, and mosasaurs. (pronounced plee-zee-oh-SAWRS) Plesiosaurs (meaning “near lizard”) were flippered marine reptiles from the Mesozoic Era – they were not dinosaurs.

What is the biggest underwater dinosaur?

Mosasaurus hoffmanni
Currie Dinosaur Museum. One of the biggest specimens ever found was identified as Mosasaurus hoffmanni and was estimated to be about 56 feet (17 meters) long in life, according to a 2014 study published in the journal Proceedings of the Zoological Institute RAS. Not all mosasaurs were giants though.

What dinosaur can swim?

New bones suggest Spinosaurus is the only known aquatic dinosaur.

What are some famous dinosaur names?

Tyrannosaurus rex is by far the most famous of all dinosaurs, but there are plenty of others: Velociraptor, Triceratops, Dilophosaurus, Stegosaurus, Spinosaurus, & Ankylosaurus are all pretty widely-known. Some slightly less famous ones include Parasaurolophus , Pachycephalosaurus , and Apatosaurus .

What are the names of dinosaurs that lived in water?

between 200 and 190 million years ago.

  • between 235 and 225 million years ago.
  • Elasmosaurus. Period: End of the Cretaceous period (70 million years ago).
  • Megalodon.
  • Kronosaurus.
  • Livyatan.
  • Dunkleosteus.
  • Pliosaurus.
  • What are the names of the water dinosaurs?

    10 Biggest Water Dinosaurs & Sea Monsters Ever Found In Archaeology Spinosaurus. Spinosaurus is the only water dinosaur to have ever existed. Shastasaurus. Shastasaurus is the largest marine creatures ever discovered in archaeology. Mosasaurus. One of the largest sea predators to have ever lived, Mosasaurus reached 50 feet in length. Tylosaurus. Basilosaurus. Megalodons. Kronosaurus. Nothosaurus. Dakosaurus. Plesiosaurus.

    What are the names of all the dinosaurs?

    There are two main groups of dinosaurs: Saurichian, or lizard-hipped, and Ornithischian, or bird hipped. Saurichians include the theropods, which include Tyrannosaurus rex, Velociraptor mongoliensis , and birds; as well as the sauropods, which include Brachiosaurus altithorax and Amargasaurus cazaui.