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What are the recent current affairs?

What are the recent current affairs?

Banking Current Affairs

  • Bank of Baroda’s launches digital platform ‘bob World’
  • Govt appoints 10 merchant bankers for managing IPO of LIC.
  • RBI removes lending curbs on UCO Bank.
  • Karnataka Bank launches POS device ‘WisePOSGo’
  • RBI imposes Rs 25 lakh fine on Axis Bank for flouting KYC norms.

What are the importance of current affairs?

The current affairs are also very dynamic in nature as they are constantly changing. Owing to this importance and dynamic nature, current affairs is a section that is present in every competitive exam. This is to test a student’s ability to be abreast of what is happening in the world.

How can I get current affairs daily?

The best bet to cover current affairs is the daily newspaper and following credible sources like Press Information Bureau (PIB) and Yojana Magazine. A good understanding of Current Affairs is central to success in the IAS exam, Government exams, or any competitive exam.

Is GK good today?

Review on gk today but gk today is good app for reading current affairs with essential information, also get notification with recent exam offered by ibps banks, and other government exams.

Who is the father of general knowledge?

Students should know the important ones so that they maximize their chances of scoring in GK….List of Famous Fathers of the World:

Sr. No. Father of Person
1. Psychology Sigmund Freud
2. Cloning Ian Wilmut
3. Printing Guttenberg
4. History Herodotus

How do you remember current affairs?

How to Remember Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

  1. UPSC News Analysis. The newspaper is not only a great source of current affairs, it is also an important tool in helping candidates remember what they read.
  2. Current Affairs Quiz.
  3. Make Notes.
  4. Solve Questions.
  5. Be positive and stay fit.