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What are the rumors about the Green Bay Packers?

What are the rumors about the Green Bay Packers?

Bleacher Report “There is reportedly belief that some within the Green Bay Packers organization are “torn” regarding the standoff with quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Appearing Wednesday morning on SportsCenter, ESPN NFL insider Jeremy Fowler reported that some members of the organization…”

Is the Green Bay Packers trading Aaron Rodgers?

Heavy “It’s been months since Aaron Rodgers made his irritation with the Green Bay Packers known but he has yet to be traded. While his team is holding their ground, it doesn’t look like Rodgers plans to budge anytime soon. On Tuesday, the reigning NFL MVP was asked…” July 08

Who is the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers?

Aaron Rodgers has been the Green Bay Packers starting QB since 2008 and over those 13 seasons, he’s had many players catch passes from his Hall of Fame right arm. While many worry about the fate of the Packers’ quarterback position, they remain rock solid at kicker. And the reason that’s the case is simply because of Mason Crosby .

When did Jerry Kramer join the Green Bay Packers?

Pro Football Hall of Famer Jerry Kramer’s life has been chronicled aplenty since he joined the Green Bay Packers in 1958. Now he’s getting the full documentary treatment.

What did the Packers do with the 29th pick?

Packers pre-draft preview: What will Green Bay do with the 29th pick? Quick Slants Podcast: Grin & Bear (s week) Witness to the Greatness! Loading…

Why is Aaron Rodgers not on the Green Bay Packers?

Packers players may not be happy with how Aaron Rodgers has handled himself during the offseason, but a recently-retired signal-caller knows where the 2011 MVP is coming from. Could a COVID-19 opt-out give Aaron Rodgers the equivalent of a “Get Out of Jail Free” card?

When do the Green Bay Packers return to training camp?

In a few weeks, the Green Bay Packers will return for training camp. It’s an exciting part of the summer as it means the offseason is over and the team is back to make its final preparations for the new season, which is now only two months away. Unfortunately for the Packers, the ongoing question […]