What are tooling boards?

What are tooling boards?

What are tooling boards? Tooling boards are made from filled polymer materials. When bonded together, these boards form larger blanks and blocks that are used to create models of CNC-machined tooling. Due to their extensive uses, demand for tooling boards is high!

What is an epoxy tooling board?

Tooling board materials are useful for creating durable, reusable tools, prototypes, models and patterns for use in the motor sport, automotive, aerospace, marine and general composite industries.

What is tooling paste?

Tooling paste (also called putty, compound, etc.) is like tooling board in a sprayable or extrudable form. Most products are a thermoset resin with a large volume of filler added to make it easy to machine. The two primary categories to choose from are based on two kinds of common resin chemistry: polyester and epoxy.

What is tooling foam?

MASTERS® SILICONE TOOLING FOAM is designed to provide professional tooling results with no tools and less mess. As you tool the silicone, the spray causes excess silicone to collect on your finger in a non-tacky ball that can easily be wiped off with a paper towel.

What is RenShape made of?

REN Shape 472 is a polyurethane-based board designed for CNC machining of production grade checking and assembly fixtures. It may also be used in prototype thermoforming and vacuum forming tooling applications, providing excellent definition and dimensional stability at elevated temperatures.

What is RenShape?

RenShape 460 is a medium-high density polyurethane modeling and styling board. It was developed to meet the growing demand for higher-quality, more dimensionally accurate, machined master patterns and prototypes.

What is HDU board?

High density urethane foam board also known as HDU board is used for hand-carved signs as well as CNC-machining. High density urethane is available in a range of sheet sizes, thicknesses and densities, and can be cut or bonded into a variety of shapes for final machining or shaping.

What is Chemiwood?

Code: M 540. Model Board M 540 is a board and block material with medium/low density and fine, homogeneous surface for general mould making applications. Models Board M 540 is conveniently machinable and can also be processed manually. Tooling board, chemiwood.

What HDU stand for?

Critical care: Intensive care unit (ICU) and high dependency unit (HDU) Intensive care units (ICU) and high dependency units (HDU) are specialist wards providing intensive care (treatment and monitoring) for people who are in a critically ill or unstable condition.

What material is HDU?

High density urethane foam board
High density urethane foam board also known as HDU board is used for hand-carved signs as well as CNC-machining. RAKU® TOOL Styling Board (SB) has a fine surface structure and lends itself to both manual and mechanical processing.