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What biotech companies are in Boston?

What biotech companies are in Boston?

Biotech Companies In Boston To Know

  • Akili Interactive.
  • Emulate.
  • Biofourmis.
  • Invicro.
  • Pear Therapeutics.
  • Ginko Bioworks.
  • Juno Therapeutics.
  • Wave Life Sciences.

What big companies are headquartered in Boston?

20 Best Biggest Companies To Work For In Boston, MA

  1. General Electric. Zippia Score 4.7.
  2. Fidelity Investments. Zippia Score 4.7.
  3. Liberty Mutual. Zippia Score 4.7.
  4. State Street. Zippia Score 4.7.
  5. Gillette. Zippia Score 4.8.
  6. Iron Mountain. Zippia Score 4.5.
  7. Civitas Solutions. Zippia Score 4.1.
  8. National Mentor Holdings. Zippia Score 4.4.

What pharmaceutical companies are headquartered in Boston?

Pharmaceutical companies

  • Merck & Co.
  • Acceleron Pharma.
  • Akebia Therapeutics.
  • Aderis Pharmaceuticals.
  • Agios Pharmaceuticals.
  • Alkermes.
  • Alnylam Pharmaceuticals.
  • Amgen.

Is Boston known for healthcare?

Today, Boston is the hub of a diverse healthcare economy that includes the life sciences and a digital health cluster that leverages the strong investment/venture capital landscape, major academic medical centers, institutions of higher learning and a highly skilled and educated workforce.

What happened to Cubist Pharmaceuticals?

Cubist Pharmaceuticals was an American biopharmaceutical company that targeted pathogens like MRSA. . The company employed 638 people, mostly in Lexington, MA….Cubist Pharmaceuticals.

Type Subsidiary (formerly: Public)
Defunct 2015
Headquarters Lexington, Massachusetts
Key people Robert J. Perez, President, CEO;
Products Product Pipeline

How many biotech companies are there?

Number of companies in the database

Total Number of Biotech companies: 20,337
Contract Research and Manufacturing: 11%
Cosmetics: 3%
Diagnostics and Analytical Services: 18%
Drug Delivery: 3%

Is Boston a biotech hub?

​Biotech is booming in Boston. Massachusetts is now the number one biotech hub in the world, overtaking closest rival California. As a recent MassBio report[1] makes clear, biotech industry jobs have grown 28% in the last 10 years – and not by chance.

Why are Boston hospitals so good?

Boston has the best hospitals in the United States and second-best in the world, as ranked by digital healthcare company Medbelle on a series of metrics including medical workforce, education, quality of care, satisfaction, treatment efficacy, accessibility and more.

Does Boston have good doctors?

Boston not only boasts some of the top hospitals in the nation, but some of the top medical schools, which are training the people who ultimately make the biggest difference in a patient’s care—doctors. We urge you to browse the local specialists below to find the practice or physician best suited to your needs.

Who owns Cubist Pharmaceuticals?

Merck & Co.
Cubist Pharmaceuticals/Parent organizations