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What body parts are said in French?

What body parts are said in French?

Le corps

le corps body
un estomac stomach
un bras arm
une épaule shoulder
un coude elbow

Are all body parts masculine in French?

Nouns in French are either masculine or feminine. When describing what body part hurts, instead of using le or la, we use au for masculine words and à la for feminine words. So we say J’ai mal au dos, but j’ai mal à la tête. When discussing a plural body part, like ears, hands and legs, we use aux.

Is La Tete feminine or masculine?

(le nez), la precedes a feminine noun (la tête), l’ is used before a noun starting with a vowel, whether masculine or feminine (l’épaule, l’orteil), and les is used for any plural noun, masculine or feminine (les épaules, les genoux).

Is hand feminine or masculine in French?

Also, be careful of the word for hand, la main, which appears to be masculine but is really feminine. The same goes for tooth, which is la dent.

How can I learn French body parts?

Parts Of The Body In French

  1. the body — le corps.
  2. the part of the body — la partie du corps.
  3. the head — la tête.
  4. the face — le visage.
  5. the eyes — les yeux.
  6. the mouth — la bouche.
  7. the tooth — la dent.
  8. the nose — le nez.

What does tete mean in Spanish?

(informal) masculine noun (Southern Cone) mess ⧫ trouble.

What does tete mean in English?

: a high elaborately ornamented style of woman’s hairdress or wig worn especially in the latter half of the 18th century.

Why is French gendered?

No explanations exist as to why French nouns have a gender or how the gender of any noun was originally determined, so you cannot rely on a rule to guide you; however, certain endings do generally indicate a feminine or masculine noun.