What bones make up the subtalar joint?

What bones make up the subtalar joint?

Hindfoot: Hindfoot, the most posterior aspect of the foot, is composed of the talus and calcaneus, two of the seven tarsal bones. The talus and calcaneus articulation is referred to as the subtalar joint, which has three facets on each of the talus and calcaneus.

What is a subtalar joint?

The subtalar joint is located just below the ankle joint between the talus bone and the calcaneus (heel) bone. The main job of the subtalar joint is to allow for side-to-side movement of the foot and ankle. This movement aids in walking, especially on uneven surfaces.

How many subtalar joints are there?

The subtalar joint (talocalcaneal joint) is anatomically described as the articulation formed between posterior articular surfaces of two tarsal bones; the talus and calcaneus….Subtalar joint.

Type Plane synovial joint; three degrees of freedom
Blood supply Posterior tibial artery, fibular artery

What causes subtalar joint pain?

Most subtalar arthritis is caused by a previous trauma, usually a calcaneal fracture, although certain fractures involving the talar body may also cause subtalar arthritis. Other causes include rheumatoid arthritis, or the abnormal loading of the subtalar joint associated with malalignment of the heel bone (calcaneus).

How do you assess a subtalar joint?

The easiest and most practicable method of assessing the subtalar joint movement would be to apply a rotatory force to the calcaneum in the coronal plane. This, however, may not the most accurate. A more accurate method would be to assess this with the patient prone with the knee in 135-degree flexion.

What is the purpose of subtalar joint?

Subtalar joints are critical parts of the foot. When people walk on some rocky terrain or uneven surfaces, the subtalar joint is at work. The joint helps with stability on uneven surfaces and acts as a shock absorber, reducing forces on the lower back and spine.

What does subtalar joint pain feel like?

Subtalar arthritis is a painful grinding and wearing down of the tissues between the talus and your heel bone, called the calcaneus. Typically, you will feel discomfort in the form of a stiff ankle around the hindfoot. You may also notice some swelling on the outside of the hindfoot.

How do you heal a subtalar joint?

Among the non-surgical treatment options for subtalar arthritis are weight loss programmes, which help to reduce the amount of weight which is placed on the hindfoot, decreasing the forces which go through it; modifying activities to reduce the amount of walking and standing which is done, especially on uneven surfaces …

What stabilizes the subtalar joint?

There are numerous extra-articular ligaments that stabilize the subtalar joint. The major ligaments encountered during subtalar arthroscopy are the intra-articular components, which consist of the interosseous talocalcaneal ligament, the lateral talocalcaneal ligament, and the anterior talocalcaneal ligament (Fig.

What 3 bones make up the true ankle joint?

The true ankle joint, which is composed of three bones:

  • the tibia, the larger and stronger of the two lower leg bones, which forms the inside part of the of the ankle.
  • the fibula, the smaller bone of the lower leg, which forms the outside part of the ankle.

How do you treat subtalar joint pain?


  1. Conservative care for most injuries may include oral anti-inflammatories or Cortisone injections to reduce inflammation.
  2. Physical therapy to help strengthen surrounding muscles, improve joint range of motion and general lower extremity flexibility and balance.

What is a subtalar joint fusion?

This surgical procedure is used to help relieve pain in the joint beneath the ankle joint and correct deformities in the hindfoot caused by injury, arthritis, or genetic defect. The procedure fuses the calcaneus (the heel bone) to the talus, the bone that connects the foot to the ankle.

Where is the subtalar joint located in the body?

The subtalar joint, also known as the talocalcaneal joint, is a compound joint positioned directly below the ankle joint. It is comprised of the calcaneus (heel bone) and a column-shaped bone called the talus. The subtalar joint is vital to movement as it helps to readjust the lateral (side-to-side)…

What kind of pain does subtalar arthritis cause?

Subtalar Arthritis Arthritis happens when the joint surfaces become damaged. The subtalar joint has cartilage that helps to cushion the joint and when that becomes injured, the joint can become painful and develop bone spurs. The pain is usually felt in the back of the foot on the outside, but it can also be felt on the inside.

How is subtalar arthroscopy used to treat bone fractures?

Subtalar arthroscopy treats pain by cleaning the joint of loose bone and cartilage and treating cartilage injuries. It also can be used to treat fractures of the talus or calcaneus. Subtalar joint fusion also can be done arthroscopically.

What is the purpose of subtalar fusion surgery?

Subtalar fusion is performed to either correct rigid, painful deformities or instability of the subtalar joint, or to remove painful arthritis of this joint. During surgery, this joint between the talus bone above and calcaneus bone below is removed as the joint surfaces are fixed together.