What can I hide a key in?

What can I hide a key in?

10 brilliant ideas for hiding your spare key outside your home

  1. The birdhouse. Hidden high up in trees, a birdhouse is a great place to hide a spare key.
  2. Behind your car’s license plate.
  3. Inside a brick.
  4. Inside a fake drain cap.
  5. Inside a fake faucet head.
  6. Inside a fake sprinkler.
  7. Behind the door knocker.
  8. Under a stone.

How can I hide my house keys?

Best place to hide a key

  1. In a hollow, fake rock that blends in with its surroundings.
  2. In a small lock box under the porch.
  3. In a key hider/magnetic key holder.
  4. In the barbeque grill in the backyard.
  5. Under the foot of a chair on the patio.
  6. Under a loose brick in the walkway.

How do you hide a key in plain sight?

Hide a Key In Plain Sight conduit to the ground so it looks official. Cut the head off the bottom screw and glue it in place. That’s it. Swing the cover aside and there’s the key.

Is it safe to hide a key outside?

Spare key no-no’s If you must hide a spare key somewhere outside, here’s what you want to avoid doing: Never put your name, number, address, or personal information on a key. If you were ever to lose this key, a thief would not have a hard time tracing the key back to your home.

Where do Burglars look for keys?

The first and most common place for hiding a key is near the front door. This could be under a door mat, inside of a nearby flower pot, or even inside of that unobtrusive hollow plastic rock. Many choose to leave the key close to the front door for convenience, and most thieves know that this is common.

Where should you keep your spare car key?

Keeping your spare key with a friend, in a box on your car, in your wallet, or in a safe is the best way to protect yourself in case of a lockout.

Where is the best place to keep a spare car key?

How can I hide a spare key outside my house?

Stick a magnet to a spare house key using hot glue, and tuck the key up out of sight inside the dryer vent hood. If your vent hood is aluminum or plastic, glue a magnet to the inside of the hood as well as the key. Check out our ultimate guide for finding secret hiding places in your home.

How do you trick a burglar?

How you can keep burglars out?

  1. Gardening. Keep your lawn and garden tidy.
  2. Windowsills. Put some WD40 on your windowsills to make it harder for burglars to climb inside your home.
  3. Keys. Install a deadlock and make sure burglars can see it on your front door.
  4. Dog barking.
  5. Lights, cameras and alarms.
  6. Valuables.

How do I hide smart key?

Just take the metal key out of the fob. Leave the fob in the car somewhere hidden(center console, for instance). And lock the doors with the metal key in the keyslot of the front door. All doors will lock.