What can you do in Oahu for free?

What can you do in Oahu for free?

10 Best Free Things to Do in Honolulu

  • Hit the sand and surf of Waikiki Beach.
  • Climb Aloha Tower for harbor views.
  • Learn about the history of Pearl Harbor.
  • Find Zen in the Valley of the Temples.
  • Take a historical walking tour.
  • Climb up the Diamond Head.
  • See hula shows at Kuhio Beach Park.
  • Hike the Manoa Falls Trail.

What to do on Oahu for locals?

10 Great Places Only Locals Know in Oahu

  • Naked Cow Dairy Farm and Creamery.
  • Manulele Distillers.
  • Naval Air Museum Barbers Point.
  • Waialua Sugar Mill.
  • Pillbox Hike.
  • Ka’ena Point State Park.
  • White Plains Beach.
  • Sharks Cove.

How can I eat cheap in Oahu?

8 Cheap Eats on Oahu

  1. Foodland. Foodland is a locally owned supermarket all across Hawaii, especially on Oahu.
  2. Kahuku Food Trucks. Along the North Shore, you will find Kahuku, a town filled with food trucks.
  3. L&L Hawaiian Barbecue.
  4. Ted’s Bakery.
  5. Zippy’s.
  6. Rainbow Drive-In.
  7. Lam’s Kitchen.
  8. Kaka’ako Kitchen.

How can I save money on Oahu?

Here are 10 tips for saving big on an Oahu vacation.

  1. Visit when school is in session.
  2. Stay a few blocks from the beach.
  3. Check out vacation rentals.
  4. Budget for resort fees.
  5. Do the math on rental cars.
  6. Beware of meals with an ocean view.
  7. Alternate pricey meals with cheap eats.
  8. Scope out some shade.

What should you not miss on Oahu?

Best Things to do on Oahu

  • Snorkel at Hanauma Bay. Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay is a must do in Oahu.
  • Waterfalls at Ko’olau Mountain Range.
  • Cliff Jumping at La’ie Point.
  • North Shore Surfing.
  • Visit Pearl Harbor.
  • Hike Diamond Head.
  • Stairway to Heaven Oahu.
  • Surf Lessons at Waikiki Beach.

Are there sharks in Hanauma Bay?

There are some sharks in the bay, even though it is a popular tourist attraction. However, the sharks in Hanauma Bay are reef sharks and are only about 4 feet long. They don’t feed on humans and there has never been any shark attack in the bay.

Why is the stairway to heaven illegal?

The Stairway To Heaven, also known as the Haiku Stairs was built during World War II as a way for soldiers to access the radio antenna that sits at the top. In 2015 a storm damaged some parts of the stairs. Instead of fixing the damage, the stairway was fenced off and deemed highly dangerous and illegal to climb.

How much should I budget for food per day in Hawaii?

While meal prices in Hawaii can vary, the average cost of food in Hawaii is $61 per day. Based on the spending habits of previous travelers, when dining out an average meal in Hawaii should cost around $24 per person. Breakfast prices are usually a little cheaper than lunch or dinner.

Is it cheaper to eat out or cook in Hawaii?

Meal Plan Ahead of Time Note: it is generally cheaper to eat out for lunch than dinner! In general, simple is better when meal planning for your Hawaiian vacation. Finally, create a grocery list for all of your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that you plan to make during your vacation. Don’t forget the snacks as well!

How can I save money on food in Oahu?

Eat at Local Restaurants Another one of the best ways to save money on your Oahu vacation is to eat local – after all, resort food can be pricey. Honolulu and Waikiki are full of excellent local, cheap restaurants. Here are a couple to check out: Highway Inn has been open since 1947 and has two locations.

What is the best month to visit Oahu?

The best time to visit Oahu is from mid-April to early June or between September and mid-December. During these shoulder seasons, attractions are less crowded, festivals are plentiful and airfare and room rates are at their lowest.

What is Oahu famous food?

5 Foods You Have to Eat in Oahu

  • Loco moco. In Spanish ‘loco moco’ may sound unappetizing, but this contemporary Hawaiian dish really hits the spot.
  • Laulau. A native Hawaiian dish, laulau is a leafy bundle of salty, mouthwatering meat.
  • Poke.
  • Poi.
  • Malasadas.

What are some of Your Favorite Things to do on Oahu?

One of my favorite things to do on Oahu is to jump on a moped and head along the East Coast to Makapu’u, Sandy Beach, Chinamans Hat, Spitting Cave, Koko Head or Crouching Lion. The coastal drive is amazing as you drive right on the edge of cliffs.

What are the best places to visit in Oahu?

Some of the best places to visit in Oahu are Turtle Beach or Laniakea Beach where Hawaiian sea turtles love to bask in the sun. Take care to listen to the conservationist volunteers who prevent visitors from getting too close to the turtles. Oahu’s North Shore is also the island’s surfers’ paradise.

What are some fun activities to do in Hawaii?

The climate is pleasant year-round, the beaches are perfect and there are so many things to do in Hawaii – everything from land-based activities, such as sightseeing, hiking, horseback riding and biking, to a variety of watersports, such as swimming, snorkeling, snuba , scuba diving, kayaking, parasailing, windsurfing , paddling, fishing and sailing.

What to do in Oahu with teenagers?

If you’re looking for things to do in Oahu with teens, check out our list of the top attractions and activities, including… Wet ‘n Wild Hawaii Dolphin Encounter by Sea Life Park Snorkel at Hanauma Bay Rainforest, Waterfalls, and Movie Sites Hike Oahu Secret Island Beach at Kualoa Ranch Authentic Luau and more…