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What city is the Polo Forest in?

What city is the Polo Forest in?

Polo forest, also known as Vijaynagar forest, is a dry mixed deciduous forest near Abhapur village in Vijaynagar Taluka, Sabarkantha district, Gujarat, India.

Is there any entry fee for Polo Forest?

Polo Forest – Green Lush Forest Area Near Ahmedabad We are receiving many emails asking about polo forest entry fees and entry permission. You don’t really need any permission or need to pay any fees; you can directly go to this place via Idar and can enjoy it with your family, friends or even with your child.

What is the best time to visit Polo Forest?

Though the monsoon season is perfect to visit Polo Forest, it is also ideal to visit during the Polo Festival which takes place during the winter months. The festival is organized by Gujarat Government in order to promote tourism in Polo Forest.

Are dogs allowed in Polo Forest?

Is Polo Forest Cottage pet-friendly? Yes, pets are allowed at this property. Self-parking is free at this property.

Are there animals in Polo forest?

There are bears, panthers, leopards, hyenas, water fowl, raptors, passerines, and flying squirrels (mostly heard, rarely seen), all living under a canopy of diverse plants and trees. During winter, many types of migratory birds occupy the forest; during the rainy season there are wetland birds.

Is Polo forest open on weekends?

HIMMATNAGAR: The Sabarkantha district administration on Friday clamped ban on tourists visiting the famous Polo forest in Vijaynagar taluka on every Saturday and Sunday. “Every Saturday and Sunday, more than 20,000 tourists visit Polo forest, exposing themselves to the danger of Covid-19 infection.

Is Polo forest open in December?

The 400 square km area of dry mixed deciduous forest is most lush between September and December after the monsoon rains when the rivers are full, but at any time of the year it provides a rich wildlife experience.