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What commute means?

What commute means?

1a : change, alter. b : to give in exchange for another : exchange commuting foreign currency to domestic. 2 : to convert (something, such as a payment) into another form The periodic payments may be commuted into a lump sum. 3 : to change (a penalty) to another less severe commute a death sentence to life in prison.

What does commute mean in insurance?

What Is a Commutation? A commutation is a settlement agreement reached between a reinsured and a reinsurer by which the reinsurance obligation is terminated by an agreement by the reinsurer to pay funds at present value that are not yet due under the reinsurance agreement.

What does commute mean in law?

Primary tabs. To “commute a sentence” is the power to substitute a sentence imposed by the judiciary for a lesser sentence. In other words, it means the power to reduce or lessen a sentence resulting from a criminal conviction. For example, a ten-year sentence may be commuted to a five-year sentence.

What is an example of commute?

The definition of commute means to travel between home and work, or to change one thing for another. An example of to commute is someone taking the bus from their house to their office. An example of to commute is to reduce a one year jail sentence to time served.

Who can commute a death sentence?

Article 161. The Governor of a State shall have the power to grant pardons, reprieves, respites or remissions of punishment or to suspend, remit or commute the sentence of any person convicted of any offence against any law relating to a matter to which the executive power of the State extends.

Is it worth commuting to work?

Just how bad is a commute on job satisfaction? A study by the University of West England found that adding 20 minutes to your daily commute has the same negative effect on job satisfaction as receiving a 19 percent pay cut. In fact, every extra minute commuting lowered satisfaction with their job and leisure time.

Is pleasure cheaper than commute?

Pleasure use car insurance is slightly less expensive than commuter coverage, at an average of $1,427 per year for auto insurance versus a commuter vehicle’s $1,438. See below the companies offering the cheapest rates for pleasure use and commuter car insurance.

Is car insurance cheaper if not commuting?

While the savings are not likely to be dramatic, most car insurance companies will offer a lower rate to drivers who don’t have long commutes. If the distance of your commute changes, logging this with your insurer can help you save money.

Can a governor commute a death sentence?

The Supreme Court on Tuesday held that the Governor of a State can pardon prisoners, including death row ones, even before they have served a minimum 14 years of prison sentence.

What is a commutation payment?

A commutation is where you (the worker) and insurer agree to a single lump sum payment. This payment removes the insurer’s liability to pay future weekly payments and/or medical, hospital and rehabilitation expenses for the injury.

What is commute time?

Your commute is your trip to work, and the verb commute describes making that trip — like your preference to commute by public bus. Another meaning of commute describes changing the length of a judicial sentence, like when a judge commutes someone’s time in jail.

Can the president commute a death sentence?

Under the Constitution, the President has the authority to commute sentences for federal criminal convictions, which are those adjudicated in the United States District Courts. However, the President cannot commute a state criminal sentence.