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What country uses Kruge?

What country uses Kruge?

Kruge, a street and district in Zagreb, Croatia.

What are some Klingon names?

List of canon Klingon names

English Klingon Note
Huss HuS daughter of A’trom
L’Rell lIr’el DSC
Lukara luqara’ love of Kahless
Lursa lurSa’ TNG, DSN, ST7

Did Christopher Lloyd play a Klingon?

Christopher Lloyd (born 22 October 1938; age 82) is an American veteran actor, voice actor, and comedian who played the role of Klingon Commander Kruge in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. However, he is perhaps best recognized for his roles on the television series Taxi and the Back to the Future film series.

What are Klingon dogs called?

They’re named Warrigul in the film’s novelization.

How much is a Kruge worth?

Value. An original DeKappel oil is worth almost 100,000 kruge. 100 kruge is considered a good amount to earn in two hours gambling on East Stave. A secondhand tweed jacket and a basic waistcoat in Ketterdam costs “a few” kruge.

How do you swear in Klingon?

Terms in this set (12)

  1. baQa’ general invective.
  2. baktag. an insult, as in a “piece of baktag”
  3. bIHnuch. coward.
  4. ghay’cha’ general invective (mild)
  5. ghuy’cha’ general invective (strong)
  6. Ha’DIbaH. Animal! ( epithet)
  7. HuH. Slime (insult)
  8. Hu’tegh. Damn (as in english)

What are the 24 Klingon Houses?

Great Houses active in the 24th century

  • House of D’Ghor.
  • House of Duras (and its mirror universe counterpart House of Duras)
  • House of Grilka (temporarily “House of Quark”, formerly House of Kozak)
  • House of Konjah.
  • House of Kor.
  • House of Korath.
  • House of K’toh-maag.
  • House of Martok.

What happened to the Klingon in Star Trek 3?

At the end of the script, Kruge was killed by Kirk throwing, into his back, the same Klingon dagger which had been used to murder David Marcus. Ever since he first read the screenplay for Star Trek III, Kirk actor William Shatner was impressed by the writing of the Kruge character.

How do you insult someone in Klingon?

One Klingon term used as an insult on numerous occasions was petaQ (also spelled “Pahtak”, “Pathak”, “p’tahk”, “p’takh”, “patahk”, “pahtk”, “p’tak”, or “p’taq”).