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What courses does mediclinic offer?

What courses does mediclinic offer?

Mediclinic offers the following courses:

  • Diploma in Emergency Medical Care.
  • Higher Certificate Auxiliary.
  • Diploma in Nursing.

How do I become a mediclinic learner?

You can register and apply for mediclinic learnerships on their website. Before registering, interested individuals are asked to read all information regarding which learnership they are interested in. Candidates need to be sure that they are choosing the right learnership course to pursue.

How many mediclinic hospitals are in Dubai?

Mediclinic Middle East operates seven hospitals, including the newly-opened Mediclinic Parkview Hospital in Dubai, and 20 clinics with over 900 inpatient beds in the United Arab Emirates.

How do you get a mediclinic bursary?

MediClinic Bursary Requirements and Eligibility

  1. Must be a South African citizen.
  2. Applicants must need to be registered with the HPCSA.
  3. An applicant must have been interviewed and offered a numbered training post in a training institution recognised for specialist or sub-specialist training.

What does mediclinic bursary cover?

The Mediclinic Bursary covers an existing HPCSA-accredited specialist or sub-specialist course or programme. The funds awarded will be paid directly to the University. The funds will cover the full study period and contribute towards the studies.

What do auxiliary nurses do?

What Is An Auxiliary Nurse? Also known as a healthcare assistant, an auxiliary nurse works closely with healthcare professionals, helping to provide patients with a high standard of care. The role can be rewarding, and candidates must be diligent, caring and eager to learn on the job.

Who owns mediclinic Dubai?

Dr Edwin Hertzog, our current chairman, commissioned by the then Rembrandt Group (now Remgro Group) to undertake a feasibility study on private hospitals, leading to the founding of Mediclinic.

Who owns mediclinic hospitals?

Mediclinic International PLC
Mediclinic Southern Africa is a wholly owned subsidiary of the international private healthcare group Mediclinic International PLC, listed on the LSE (London Stock Exchange) with a secondary listing on the JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange) and the NSX (Namibian Stock Exchange).

What does Netcare bursary cover?

Netcare offers bursaries to gifted young people who have a desire to care for the ill and those people who cannot help themselves. If you enjoy working with people, helping care for the sick and making a difference in the lives of others, then you may be in the right field if considering a career in medicine.

What kind of jobs are available in Mediclinic Middle East?

Mediclinic Middle East offers a range of exciting medical, nursing, allied health, management and health administration career opportunities. We only accept job applications through our Careers Portal. On the portal you can:

When to apply for Mediclinic nursing learner opportunities?

Mediclinic Higher Education and Training (Nursing Training) welcomes candidates to apply for Learner Opportunities for scholastic year 2021. Mediclinic suggests that you utilize the accompanying cycle to choose a course: Survey the course leaflet and choose which learning opportunity you need to investigate.

How to choose the best Mediclinic nursing course?

Mediclinic suggests that you utilize the accompanying cycle to choose a course: Survey the course leaflet and choose which learning opportunity you need to investigate. Select an advantageous Learning Center for you to learn at.