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What do I do if my HSBC Secure Key failed?

What do I do if my HSBC Secure Key failed?

Please contact us on 03456 002 290 so we can deactivate the Secure Key. You can then either upgrade to a Digital Secure Key or arrange for a replacement to be sent to you. If you’ve lost your physical Secure Key or it’s no longer working, you can upgrade to a Digital Secure Key.

Can I replace battery in HSBC Secure Key?

Battery. If your battery is running low you can replace your HSBC Secure Key by: Switching to Digital Secure Key via the ‘Manage Secure Key’ section within Online Banking after you have logged in.

How do I activate my HSBC Secure Key?

Activate your Digital Secure Key

  1. Follow the instructions on-screen to log on to the HSBC Mobile Banking app.
  2. Enter your username.
  3. Answer your memorable question and the requested characters from your password, select ‘continue’
  4. You will be prompted to activate your Digital Secure Key now or later, choose ‘activate now’

Can I use someone else’s HSBC Secure Key?

No, you can’t use someone else’s Secure Key. Only one Secure Key can be activated and linked to each customer.

Why would HSBC suspend my account?

Essentially, there are a number of reasons accounts could be frozen but it is normally down to what the bank considers to be suspicious activity. This could be because a large number of payments have been made or even a one off payment that is much higher than usual incomings.

How does the HSBC Secure Key work?

The Secure Key generates a temporary code which you then use to access mobile and online banking. To generate the code, you need a PIN or password known only by you – or you can use Touch ID, Face ID or Android Fingerprint if your device has these features. The Secure Key means only you can access your accounts.

How do I turn off my HSBC Secure Key?

You can call HSBC Bank Telephone Banking 0850 211 0 111 in order to disable your Digital Secure Key.

How do I transfer money from HSBC Secure Key?

1. Press and hold the green button to turn your secure key on and enter your PIN. When ‘HSBC’ shows on screen, press the yellow button. On your Secure Key, enter the last 4 digits of the account number / company reference or credit card number, ignoring any letters or special characters.

What is a secure key HSBC?

Will HSBC refund stolen money?

We’ll look to refund any money stolen by fraudsters who gain access to your account, as long as you keep your security details safe. Please tell us if you notice anything unusual on your account. We’ll help you to stay up-to-date with our latest security advice.