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What do the zabaleen do with the organic waste that they collect?

What do the zabaleen do with the organic waste that they collect?

Before 2004, the zabaleen would take the rubbish they collected back to their homes on the edge of the city, sort through it, and make a living from selling the salvaged materials to factories and wholesalers. The remaining organic waste would be fed to their pigs, whose meat also brought them a steady income.

Who are the zabaleen people?

The zabbaleen are a sub-class of poor workers living in the main cities of Egypt. They migrated to Cairo from the Nile Valley in Upper Egypt (the south of the country). Unlike most Egyptians, these peasants were not Muslim, but Coptic Christians belonging to Egypt’s native church.

Why are the people of this city called zabaleen?

Manshiyat Nasser is a slum area that became home for 262.000 Egyptian people who live under poverty line. These people are then called as the Zabbaleen People, a term in Egyptian Arabic with the meaning “Garbage People” . This condition is also caused by the absence of Cairo’s efficient waste management system.

Who are the main inhabitants of Garbage City?

The largest settlement is Mokattam village, nicknamed “Garbage City,” located at the foot of the Mokattam Mountains, next to Manshiyat Naser. The Zabbaleen community in Mokattam Village has a population of around 20,000 to 30,000, over 90 percent of which are poor Coptic Christians living in slums.

Does Egypt recycle?

Recycling. Egypt has a number of both formal and informal recycling initiatives. The formal sector in Egypt comprises central government, local municipalities and ministries, small enterprises, international donors and NGOs. This sector collects 810,000 tonnes of waste annually and recycles 45% of this.

What is garbage city?

Slum Settlement Filled With Mountains of Garbage. Manshiyat Nasser, or as it is more popularly known, Garbage City,“ is a slum settlement with a population of around 60,000 on the outskirts of the Moqattam Hills, within Cairo’s sprawling metropolitan area.

Where is zabaleen?

Behind the high walls on the outskirts of Cairo is a mostly Coptic Christian community, known as the Zabaleen – a derogatory term for garbage men.

Where can I recycle plastic in Egypt?

9 Egyptian Companies That Help You Recycle Your Trash

  • Zebala store.
  • Recycling cooking oil.
  • Bekia.
  • Go clean.
  • Men Jadeed.
  • Green pan.
  • EverGreen – SFS.
  • RecycloBekia.

How polluted is Egypt?

Cairo is the most polluted city in the world, according to the Eco Experts’ report. On average, residents of Cairo breathe in air suffused with 11.7 times the WHO recommended safe level of PM2. 5 and 14.2 times the safe level of PM10. Translation: The air is really bad and you can feel it.

Which is garbage city of India?

BENGALURU: Bengaluru earned the tag of Garbage City quite a few years ago. And if you look at the Swachh Survekshan awards announced on Thursday, you will know that the City has made little efforts to shake off this dubious distinction.

How do you recycle in Egypt?

What You Need To Know About Recycling in Egypt

  1. Sort your garbage. Put all of our paper, cardboard. aluminium, plastic, glass separate.
  2. Flatten down any cardboard boxes.
  3. Wash out any plastic or glass bottles.
  4. Omit any soiled/tainted packaging or boxes – these cannot be recycled and may taint other recyclables.

How much waste is recycled in Egypt?