What do you call tuning on a BMW?

What do you call tuning on a BMW?

It is the exciting details that count. Many call it tuning. For us it is the art of car refinement. With HAMANN Motorsport your BMW will become unique – just as you are.

What’s the color of the new BMW 5 Series?

All new models also come with trapezoidal exhaust, which was also the case with our BMW 520d Touring xDrive model. As for the color, in case you were wondering, this car was dressed in Bluestone, a rather interesting shade that’s a bit shinier than the much more widely known Bernina Grey.

When did the BMW 5 series Wagon come out?

We haven’t gotten the 5 Series Touring since 2010, and as much as the whole internet-loves-wagons thing has become a bit of a tired trope, even some BMW dealers seem to view the lack of a good wagon in BMW’s U.S. lineup is a missed opportunity.

Is the BMW 5 Series A Life Cycle Impulse?

As a matter of fact, as a rule, whenever BMW releases an LCI (life-cycle impulse) you can easily see how well the car is doing by the amount of changes done to its design. In the case of the BMW 5 Series, as the pictures show, those changes were mostly subtle, limited, if you will.

Where can I find the best BMW tuners?

As you might guess, many of the best BMW tuning and restoration shops are in the company’s homeland of Germany. But not to worry, there is a vibrant and extremely talented community of tuners and restorers to choose from on both sides of the Atlantic.

How are BMW intercoolers used in Wagner tuning?

Strong engines with lots of power are the keyword of WAGNER TUNING: Our BMW intercoolers ensure that the turbocharger receives less back pressure and is therefore relieved. In addition, the intercooler optimises the combustion processes in the engine and thus ensures that the engine’s performance is increased.

What kind of sound system does BMW use?

The sound system is used for the BMW X5 M50d xDrive (F15) and the BMW X6 M50d xDrive. A main control unit with amplifier ensures a musical tremolo via mufflers with two silencers, pipes and sound actuators.