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What do you need to know about Montblanc repair?

What do you need to know about Montblanc repair?

Montblanc pieces are handmade and require high quality craftsmanship, not only to manufacture, but also to repair. Our handmade craftsmanship requires that we have the each part of the piece so it may be made to fit and move together. Only with the entire piece in our workshop may we create a perfect part match.

What kind of pens do Montblanc pens have?

From its inception, Montblanc’s pens have exhibited a classic style centered around their iconic logo – the white six-pointed snow-cap. Since the millennium, Montblanc’s product range has expanded to include luxury leather goods, belts, jewelry, eye-wear, and watches.

Is there a PO Box for Montblanc writing instruments?

Note: the PO Box is for USPS shipment only. Should you wish to use a different carrier please contact us at tel. (800) 995-4810. Montblanc writing instruments are under a 24 month warranty from date of purchase or receipt as a gift, against manufacturer’s defects.

What happens if you lose a Montblanc presentation box?

If you send your piece in with the original Montblanc presentation box we will attempt to return it to you. However, we are not responsible for any presentation boxes that are lost, stolen or damaged during their journey back to you. Any non-official Montblanc containers will also be discarded and not returned.

Where does the Montblanc bespoke nib come from?

A personalized nib that underlines the uniqueness of your individual handwriting. The Montblanc bespoke nib is exclusively crafted from solid gold by the highly skilled artisans of the Montblanc nib manufacture in Hamburg, who grind it by hand so that it reflects the individual characteristics of a person’s handwriting.

What are the colors of the Montblanc pen?

This pen also has the mother-of-pearl Montblanc emblem as well as a champagne-colored, gold-coated clip and cap that includes the emblem. You can find Montblanc ballpoint pen refills for this style in mystery black, Pacific blue, nightfire Red, fortune green, amethyst purple, and Barbados blue.

Where can I get a new Montblanc pen barrel?

MontBlanc pen replacement parts Mont Blanc Lower Barrel Burgundy & Gold + Bonus Free Refill! Replacement Barrel for Montblanc 163 Rollerball — Immediate Shipping! Replacement Barrel for Montblanc 144 Fountain Pen — Immediate Shipping!