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What does 5050 mean on LED?

What does 5050 mean on LED?

tri’ chip
The 5050 SMD is actually a ‘tri’ chip, meaning it has three smaller chips in every SMD. So each white LED actually has three white chips inside. 5050s can also be used for colour-changing LED tape, with red, green and blue chips inside each LED.

What connectors do I need for LED strip lights?

The Single-Color LED strips need a 2 pin LED extension cable. The cables themselves finish off at either end with common 2.1mm size barrel plug adapters that are used with all single-color strips and dimming controllers.

Can I connect LED Strip to motherboard?

Honorable. If your LED’s are designed to be plugged into your motherboard, they should have a 3 or 4 pin female connector that can be connected to one of the USB headers on your motherboard. Otherwise, many LED kits just use a molex (4-pin) power connector that goes straight to your PSU, and the controls are external.

Do you need connectors for LED lights?

A simple white LED light strip has two pins, so you’ll need a connector designed for two pins. While RGB LED strips can create white color, they can’t get as pure white as an RGBW strip can. RGBW strips have five pins so make sure you buy strip connectors with five pins.

Can you connect LED Strip Lights after cutting?

A: If the LED light strip you purchased can be cut, the remaining part that you have cut off cannot be used anymore. If you want to reconnect them after cutting, you must use an additional 4 pin connector to reconnect. Generally, this product is not included in a LED light strip set and has to be purchased separately.

Is 5050 LED good?

While the 5050 chip can be used in single color applications, we have found the 5050 LEDs to be better for the RGB and the 3528 SMD LEDs in high density better for single color applications.

How do you control LED 5050?

To control the brightness, the normal way is to use PWM – switch on the required power for a short period of time, switch it off. Do this at a high frequency. By altering the time it is on/off, you can control the brightness.

Do I need connectors for LED lights?

How do you connect LED strips without soldering?

How to connect LED Tape without soldering – LED Tape connectors

  1. 1: This is the Tape to starter lead connector for single colour.
  2. 2: Cut the LED Tape along the cut line with a pair of scissors.
  3. 3: Now take your Tape to starter lead connector and your new piece of cut LED Tape.
  4. 4: Open the Connector.