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What does a Mekko chart show?

What does a Mekko chart show?

A Bar Mekko chart allows you to show the relative importance of each bar by adding a variable for bar width. The bar width variable is typically a measure of size, like revenue or profitability. Bar Mekko charts are often used to show measures like growth, margin or market share by product, segment or region.

How do you make a Mekko chart?

Mekko chart. A Mekko chart (sometimes also called marimekko chart) is a two-dimensional stacked chart. In addition to the varying segment heights of a regular stacked chart, a Mekko chart also has varying column widths. Column widths are scaled such that the total width matches the desired chart width.

How do you make a Mekko chart in Excel?

Now that the data has been set up for the Marimekko chart, it’s time to build it.

  1. Select the chart data and headings — cells H1:L18.
  2. On the Excel Ribbon, click the Insert tab, then click the button for Line Charts.
  3. In the drop down list, go to the 2-D Area section, and click on Stacked Area.

How do you make a Mekko chart in PowerPoint?

Alternatively, you can create the chart direct from Excel. Highlight the data in Excel and choose Chart in PowerPoint under Mekko Graphics in Excel menu. Next, select a chart type and then click on a PowerPoint slide to insert the chart. Now the chart will be linked to the Excel data.

What is a sunburst chart?

A sunburst chart is useful for visualizing hierarchical data structures. A sunburst chart consists of an inner circle surrounded by rings of deeper hierarchy levels. The angle of each segment proportional to either a value or divided equally under its inner segment.

What is Mekko chart and what is the difference between bar and Mekko chart?

Bar chart expressed the value of data in only one dimensions that is height but in Mekko chart, value of the data can be expressed in both dimensions that is height and weight.

Why is it called a Marimekko chart?

In her home town of Koivisto, Armi heard people talking about dresses (Finnish: mekko), and so she came to the name Marimekko.

Can you make a mosaic plot in Excel?

To build a mosaic plot in Excel, you need to re-shape the data into simple data series. The Area chart creates a mosaic effect by varying sub-areas width and heights. = F9 / SUM (C9:F9), = 212 / (202 + 118 + 178 + 212) = 29.86%.

How do I use Mekko Graphics?

To use the Quick Launch method, go to the Mekko Graphics tab and choose your desired chart type from the list of drop down menu options. Mekko Graphics will automatically launch and create your chart with pre-populated data, that you can then replace with your own data.

When should you avoid a line graph?

When NOT to Use a Line Chart

  1. Line charts are a classic tool for visualizing time-varying data (e.g., days, weeks, months, years etc…).
  2. Showing trends in a variable over time for multiple categories (if the variable is measured the same way for all categories)

What can a mekko chart be used for?

A Marimekko can be used to break down a market by combining data from multiple charts into a single, more powerful chart. The sister chart to the Marimekko, the Bar Mekko is the chart type you should be using instead of a bar chart in your next presentation.

What do Mekko and Marimekko mean in Excel?

A Mekko chart (also known as a Marimekko chart or mosaic plot) is a two-dimensional stacked chart where the chart column width usually represents the dollar amount or relative size of a market segment while the chart column height breaks down each segment, revealing the key players as well as their respective company shares.

How do you make a mekko chart in Excel?

To remove it, choose Bars and Series from the Mekko Graphics ribbon. On the Series Visibility tab, uncheck the box in the Chart column for the Total series and % of Total series. To show the % of Total series as a data row below the chart, check the Data column and choose a Number Format of % from the dropdown menu.

Which is better a Bar Mekko or Marimekko chart?

The Bar Mekko chart is more versatile than a Marimekko chart and it’s an excellent alternative to using multiple bar charts. A Bar Mekko chart allows you to show the relative importance of each bar by adding a variable for bar width. The bar width variable is typically a measure of size, like revenue or profitability.