What does a Polar Loop do?

What does a Polar Loop do?

The Polar Loop band sports all the basic functions of a fitness tracker — it measures sleep time, steps taken, activity time and levels, and calories burned — and it’s waterproof, which allowed me to track my activity while swimming.

Does Polar Loop track heart rate?

Polar Loop 2 activity bracelet tracks your moves and accumulates your active time. Add a heart rate sensor, and you get even more information about your training, such as heart rate in beats per minute and the main effect of your training; whether it’s burning fat or improving fitness.

How do I sync my Polar Loop to my computer?

Sync With Flow Web Service Via FlowSync

  1. Plug your Polar Loop 2 into your computer with the USB cable. Make sure FlowSync software is running on your computer.
  2. The FlowSync window opens on your computer, and the syncing starts.
  3. Completed is displayed when you’re done.

How do I clear the memory on my polar loop?

To factory reset:

  1. Plug in Polar Loop/Polar Loop 2 to your computer’s USB port and go to FlowSync software.
  2. Click Settings and FACTORY RESET.
  3. Once the Flow web service landing page opens, select Sign in and use your existing credentials to log in.
  4. Accept the settings and press Done in the end.

Does polar loop have GPS?

Polar Loop 2: App It was built to work with the company’s more sport-focused GPS and heart rate featuring wearables but now incorporates your Polar Loop data too.

Is the polar loop waterproof?

Polar Loop is water-resistant up to 20 meters. You can wear it while bathing and swimming.

Does polar loop have Bluetooth?

It also allows you to connect via Bluetooth to your phone and allows you to use Polar’s Beat app if you so choose. The app for the Loop, aka Polar Flow, has really improved over the last few months especially on the Android platform.

How do you charge a polar loop?

Charging Polar Loop Polar Loop has an internal, rechargable battery. Use the USB cable included in the product set to charge your Polar Loop via the USB connector on your computer. If you want to plug the USB connector to a wall outlet, use a USB power adapter (not included in the sales package).

Why is my polar watch not syncing?

Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on in your phone settings. Make sure location is enabled for Polar Flow app in the phone’s application settings. On Android 6 and newer devices, location permission is needed to scan for Bluetooth devices. Make sure Flow app is running on your phone and keep it at the foreground.

How do I change the time on my Polar Loop 2?

To change the time, you must first change the time zone on your computer and then sync your Polar Loop 2. Remember to check that your computer clock is set on the correct time zone. You can also change the time format (12h or 24h) in the Polar Flow web service.