What does A2 restricted mean?

What does A2 restricted mean?

Once you have completed your A2 Licence, you will have a full restricted motorcycle licence which means you can ride an intermediate motorcycle with no L plates, carry a passenger, be able to go to motorways.

What is the A2 bike test?

A2 is a class of motorcycle licence for riders nineteen and over. It limits you to a motorcycle with a maximum 47bhp and a minimum weight of 175kg. This 47hp can come from a larger bike fitted with a restrictor kit. Restrictors come in various forms such as an ECU map, a throttle stop or through air/fuel flow washers.

Can any bike be restricted to A2?

A2 licence restrictions The A2 licence allows you to ride a bike that makes more than 47bhp if it is restricted. Any motorcycle more powerful than 94bhp in standard manufacturers trim cannot be restricted down.

What does an A2 licence cover?

The A2 licence An A2 licence allows riders aged 19 and over to: Ride a bike that produces no more than 35 kW or 47bhp (these are normally advertised as A2 bikes in dealer showrooms) Ride without L-plates. Carry a pillion passenger.

Can I ride a 600cc on A2 licence?

You can buy many bikes that produce upto 46Bhp, such as the Honda NC700 . There is no automatic upgrades of licence – if you wish to move up to a full (A) licence you will need to retake the module 1 and 2 tests on an unrestricted 600cc bike when you have reached 24 years of age or held the A2 licence for 2 years.

Can you ride a 600cc bike on a A2 licence?

Can I ride a restricted bike on a CBT?

Age 17 or over. If you successfully take your CBT at the age of 17 (or passed it on a moped at 16) you can ride a 125cc bike on L-plates with no pillion. Before 2013, you could have ridden 33bhp bike at this stage, but since 2013, you are restricted to a 125cc bike until you are 19 years old.

Can I start on a 600cc bike?

“Yes, a new rider can start on a 600cc sportbike. It is NOT RECOMMENDED!” Learning to ride is about sharpening your motorcycle skills in the safest manner possible. To help mitigate risk, getting a bike that is easy to handle is paramount.