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What does Diu Lei Lo Mo mean?

What does Diu Lei Lo Mo mean?

“Diu Nei Lo Mo!” (屌你老母or 𨳒你老母, “fuck your mother”) is a highly offensive profanity in Cantonese when directed against a specific person instead of used as a general exclamation. In contrast to the English phrase “fuck your mother”, which indicates that the person being attacked commits sexual acts with his own mother.

What is Sohai?

It is a cantonese word used in Malaysia. The direct translation means “stupid cunt” which we do cuss it here alot in Australia.

What is Cantonese slang for?

Cantonese slang you need to know right now

  • Catching worms. 🔊: “juk chung”
  • A chicken talking to a duck. 🔊: “gai tung aap gong”
  • Buddhist style. 🔊: “fut hai”
  • Kicking the ball. 🔊: “seh boh”
  • Trap. 🔊: “fuk”
  • Wearing a green hat. 🔊: “daai luk mo”
  • To ride an ox while looking for a horse. 🔊: “keh ngau wun ma”
  • Driving a bus.

What does Lan Jiao mean?

lan jiao – (From Hokkien/Teochew 𡳞鳥/𡳞鸟 or 卵鳥/卵鸟 lān-chiáu) Means guy’s private part (crude). See also Si mi lan jiao.

What does 67 mean in Cantonese?

67 = 碌柒 = dumb.

Is Cantonese weird?

Putonghua ranks among the top 25 “weirdest“ languages in the world, while Cantonese was among the 10 least “weirdest”, according to linguistic findings from a US database.

What does Chi Sin mean?

Chi sin means “crazy” or “insane,” but it literally means “glued wires.” The origins of chi sin are unclear, but one way to make sense of it is to think of the “wires” as neural circuits that have been a little … scrambled.

Are there curse words in Chinese and Cantonese?

Some vulgar, curse words in both Chinese language and Cantonese dialect get straight to the point, while others are more subtle and rather hilarious. When I was growing up, my parents threatened to slap my palm with a ruler if they heard me uttering a profanity in English (my first language), Chinese or Cantonese.

What are the most common swear words in Cantonese?

Swear Words In Cantonese | Cuss Words In Cantonese Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate? Ba po Bitch (86%) (14%) Ban jau Dick (50%) (50%) Bat po Bitch (92%) (8%) Bitch! Sai bak po! (38%) (63%)

What are the most common profanities in Cantonese?

The five most common Cantonese profanities, vulgar words in the Cantonese language are diu ( 屌 / 𨳒 ), gau ( 鳩 / 㞗 / 𨳊 ), lan ( 撚 / 𨶙 ), tsat ( 柒 / 杘 / 𨳍) and hai ( 屄 / 閪 ), where the first literally means fuck, “Diu” (or Jiu) is literally the word for fuck, “hai” is a word for female genitalia and “gau” refers to male genitalia.

What’s the most common curse word in Mandarin?

Either way, eggs play a large factor in Mandarin curses and insults. These vary from rather innocuous to downright mean. No one has the definite answer, but eggs and Chinese curse words go together quite well. 1. 坏蛋 (huài dàn) Let’s start with some light ones.