What does Ebsco Information Services do?

What does Ebsco Information Services do?

EBSCO is the leading provider of research databases, e-journals, magazine subscriptions, e-books and discovery service to libraries of all kinds. For more than 70 years, we’ve partnered with libraries to improve research with quality content and technology.

How do I contact EBSCO?

If you wish to reach us by phone:

  1. U.S./Canada – (800)758-5995.
  2. Outside U.S./Canada -00- 800-3272-6000.

What does EBSCO Discovery Service provide?

EBSCO Discovery Service offers comprehensive full-text searching of journals and books from major for-profit publishers, scholarly societies and university presses. Users can search research databases of interest, including BIOSIS Previews, Business Source, MEDLNE Complete, PubMed and many more.

Where is EBSCO located?

EBSCO Information Services, headquartered in Ipswich, Massachusetts, is a division of EBSCO Industries Inc., a private company headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama.

What is EBSCO And why would you use it?

EBSCO is short for EBSCO Information Services which is a company that provides information resources and tools to libraries. Their product EBSCOhost is a very popular interface used by many different databases that allows users to easily search the databases for articles and other material.

How do I access EBSCOhost for free?

To Access EBSCOhost:

  1. Go to library’s home page at www.esc.edu/library.
  2. Click Article Databases.
  3. Scroll down the alphabetical list and click on EBSCOhost.
  4. Enter your college login and password.
  5. That will take you to a page that lists and describes all the EBSCO databases.

How many employees does ebsco have?

3,250 employees
EBSCO Industries, Inc. is one of the largest private companies in the United States. As its largest division, EBSCO Information Services has more than 3,250 employees and annual sales of more than two billion dollars.

How does ebsco discovery service work?

Connect your patrons to all your library’s online resources anytime, anywhere with EBSCO Discovery Service. Through a single search, patrons can discover and access e-books, magazines, full-text articles and everything else your library as to offer, making the most of your investments.

How reliable is EBSCO?

EBSCO only contains articles from credible and venerable sources, many of which are not available elsewhere. This means that when you run a search on EBSCO, you can rest assured that the information you find is more accurate, current, and reliable than what you would find via a Web search.