What does erroneous enlistment mean?

What does erroneous enlistment mean?

An enlistment, induction, or extension of enlistment is erroneous in the following circumstance, if: (1) It would not have occurred had the relevant facts been known by the government or had appropriate directives been followed; (2) It was not the result of fraudulent conduct on the part of the member; and (3) The …

What happens if the military finds out you lied?

Lying to join the military is a fraudulent enlistment and can result in a felony conviction. Yes, you need to be caught in the lie, but that isn’t as difficult as you might think. If you’re unlucky, you could be convicted of a felony, punishable by a $10,000 fine and three years in prison.

What does reentry code 2B mean?

RE-2B: Individuals who were fully qualified when last separated. However, reenlistment not authorized at time of separation under enlisted year group management plan. Fully qualified for enlistment. Ineligible for enlistment unless a waiver is granted.

How do I get my re code changed?

To change your RE code, you may need to apply to the Board for Correction of Military Records (BCMR) or Board for Correction of Naval Records (BCNR). Your recruiter may be able to help you (or refer you to someone who can help).

Can the military pull up your medical records?

Because the military does not routinely pull medical records, recruits who pass their physical and reveal no prior history may get in. However, if the soldier later gets sick or injured, the Army can check medical records if an undisclosed pre-existing condition is suspected.

What happens if you get admin separated?

An administrative separation occurs when your commander initiates process of separating you involuntarily from service through a non-judicial process. To put it in civilian terms, an administrative separation is the equivalent of getting fired from your job.

Why do recruiters tell you to lie?

This is one of the most common recruiter lies, and they’ll tell you this to try to refocus the conversation on your salary. So it’s typically a lie when recruiters tell candidates that the employer has no idea what salary they hope to pay for a role.

What can disqualify you from MEPS?

What can disqualify you from MEPS? As mentioned previously, there are dozens of conditions that can disqualify you at MEPS. They include dental issues, eye / ear issues, hearing problems, and heart problems.

Can you get a waiver for RE4?

Eligibility: Ineligible for enlistment. Note: RE4 and discharged as TDRL and fit for duty. Eligibility: Qualified for enlistment, provided reason and authority does not preclude enlistment or require a waiver. Applicant may not enlist until 93 days after separation if otherwise qualified.

What does reentry code RE 4 mean?

a nonwaiverable disqualification
RE-4 – Individuals separated from last period of service with a nonwaiverable disqualification (refer to AR 601-280). Ineligible for enlistment except as provided for in paragraphs 2-7c and 2-7d. (See waiverable moral and administrative disqualifications.)

Can I change my re-4 code?

According to Army Regulation 601-210 (Regular Army and Army Reserve Enlistment Program), the Reentry Eligibility (RE) code can only be changed if an incorrect code was entered. The RE code is not upgraded to allow enlistment. Soldiers separated with a RE-3 or RE-4 code must seek a waiver from a recruiter to enlist.

Do they pull your medical records at MEPS?

Does the military have access to medical records? Military cannot obtain medical records from MEPS if you have not previously had any health problems or erratic test results. However, if you get sick or injured after the mission, the military can extract your details to look for an existing condition.

Can a person get a waiver to re-enlist?

Waivers are not automatically given, however. It depends on the strength needs of that militry service at the time the request is filed. If enlistment quotas are being met without any major problems, then they probably won’t be granting any waivers. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to try.

What happens if you get an erroneous discharge from the military?

Erroneous Enlistment. normally receive an Honorable Discharge, unless eligible for an Entry Level Separation (Less than 180 days of military service).

When do you have a defective enlistment agreement?

Defective or Unfulfilled Enlistments or Reenlistments: A defective enlistment agreement exists when the Soldier is eligible for enlistment in the Army but does not meet the prerequisites for the option for which enlisted. Soldiers separated under this paragraph will be awarded an honorable character of service unless an entry-level

Who is ineligible for military re-3b waiver?

RE-3B: Individuals who have time lost during their last period of service. Ineligible for enlistment unless waiver is granted. (paragraphs 2-7 and 2-8a). Applicable to EM who have time lost during their last period of service.