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What does IPC 610 cover?

What does IPC 610 cover?

IPC-A-610 covers the “Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies,” and more specifically for this blog we will look at the requirements for J-Lead solder connections. Since varying applications have different requirements, IPC has different classes and what a solder joints must look like to meet those class requirements.

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What IPC 601?

IPC-6012: Quality and performance specification for rigid printed circuit board. IPC-6012 is the specification that establishes the performance and qualification requirements for the fabrication of rigid boards. Active/Passive embedded circuitry printed boards. Metalcore printed boards.

What is IPC-A-610 standards?

With its comprehensive criteria for printed circuit board assemblies, IPC-A-610 is the most widely used inspection standard in the electronics industry — and has earned an international reputation as the source for end-product acceptance criteria for consumer and high reliability printed circuit assemblies.

What is IPC-A-610 Class 2?

Class 2: Dedicated service electronic products. It is intended for electronic assemblies in which extended reliability is the goal. This class will allow for some imperfections in the assembly that are fully functional electrically and mechanically, but may aesthetically look incorrect.

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The International Parking Community (IPC) is a progressive DVLA Accredited Trade Association (ATA) representing parking operators from both the public and private sectors. The IPC is a trade association, and lobby group, for industry professionals.

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What are IPC standards?

IPC standards are the electronics-industry-adopted standards for design, PCB manufacturing, and electronic assembly. There’s an IPC standard associated with just about every step of PCB design, production, and assembly (see Figure 1).