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What does it mean decision pending?

What does it mean decision pending?

“Decision pending” means that the decisionis pending. They haven’t decided yet. There isn’t any secret code to deciphering the submission tracker. Things just always take much longer than we think they would.

What does awaiting AE decision mean?

The status ‘Awaiting AE Recommendation’ means that, based on the peer reviewer (or technical editor review, in this case), the AE is making a decision on the paper. The AE then conveys their decision to the Editor-in-Chief (EiC), who makes the final decision.

What does ready for decision mean?

Answer: When the status for a manuscript changes “Under Review” to “Ready for Decision”, it means that the peer-review process is complete and only the editorial decision is pending. Sometimes, this can take anywhere between 2-6 weeks.

What does decision reverted mean?

Q: What is the meaning of “Decision Reverted” status? “Decision Reverted” is not a commonly used term for the status of the manuscript. Was the status updated when you received the decision letter the previous time?