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What does it mean if something is plausible?

What does it mean if something is plausible?

Today the word plausible usually means “reasonable” or “believable,” but it once held the meanings “worthy of being applauded” and “approving.” It comes to us from the Latin adjective plausibilis (“worthy of applause”), which in turn derives from the verb plaudere, meaning “to applaud or clap.” Other “plaudere” …

What is plausible and example?

The definition of plausible is something that is highly likely. An example of plausible is someone saying they are late because of an accident on the highway. adjective. 4. Seemingly or apparently valid, likely, or acceptable; credible.

What’s the difference between possible and plausible?

“Possible” means something may happen. “Plausible” implies that a hypothesis or statement sounds logical and may well be true. The words really focus on different ideas. The word that means something is likely to happen is “probable.”

What is plausible behavior?

someone who is plausible seems to be honest and sincere, even though they may not be. Synonyms and related words. Words used to describe people or behaviour that is not sincere. insincere.

What does plausible mean in legal terms?

As I describe below, “plausible” means “fair” or “reasonable,” but perhaps only in a superficial sense; what is “plausible” might in fact be “specious” or used as a “pretext.”6 The word is immune to careful definition. Because of its ambiguity, it was well selected to expand judicial discretion to dismiss civil cases.

What does plausible mean in philosophy?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Plausible reasoning is a method of deriving new conclusions from given known premises, a method different from the classical syllogistic argumentation methods of Aristotelian two-valued logic.

What is a plausible answer?

By “plausible”, we mean that the answers can potentially be the correct ones to the question. For each question, we will show you one plausible answer. Do not repeat or paraphrase the existing answers of the questions.

Why do people say plausible instead of possible?

The main difference between “plausible” and “possible” is that “plausible” means you could make a reasonably valid case for something, while “possible” means something is capable of becoming true, though it’s not always reasonable. Both are adjectives, but they also have adverb and noun forms.

How do you use plausible in a sentence?

Plausible sentence example

  1. Give me a plausible scenario.
  2. It is plausible to regard v.
  3. Of the so-called deists Shaftesbury was probably the most important, as he was certainly the most plausible and the most respectable.
  4. These require a lot of research, because they need to be plausible .

What is plausible relationship?

Plausible relationships among data may reasonably be expected to exist and continue in the absence of known conditions to the contrary.

What is a plausible story?

having an appearance of truth or reason; seemingly worthy of approval or acceptance; credible; believable: a plausible excuse; a plausible plot.

What is a sentence for plausible?

(1) She could find no plausible explanation for its disappearance. (2) He did not think it plausible that all the differences could be explained in this way. (3) A more plausible explanation would seem to be that people are fed up with the Conservative government. (4) His story was/sounded perfectly plausible.