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What does Jermaine Boddie do for a living?

What does Jermaine Boddie do for a living?

Jermaine Boddie is the owner of Team Boddie Racing. He has been racing both on the street and on the track for years.

Who from Street Outlaws died?

How did Flip die? The racer died on the 28th of May in 2013 in his home in Yukon, Oklahoma. The reality show held a funeral for the late racer on the 1st of June at Chisolm Heights Baptist Church in Mustang. The cause of the death was never disclosed by the family members or the officials of the reality TV show.

What happened to street racer Gypsy Mike?

‘Street Outlaws’ star Gypsy Mike reportedly died of a heart attack last year. Gypsy Mike’s sudden death left his Street Outlaws co-stars and fans equally devastated. A phenomenal driver, he proved time and time again that he was one of the best and fiercest competitors on the California scene.

Who is Bodie on street outlaws?

Aleisha Beckum Is the Hottest Drag Racer on ‘Street Outlaws’, Hands Down. The 405 boys are in California for this season of Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws, and one street racer, in particular, is catching the attention of die-hard fans.

Who is boogie on street outlaws?

Al Roberson
Nationwide — In case you haven’t heard, Al Roberson, known on the racetrack as “Al Boogie,” is a legendary, African American, grudge drag racer. In fact, he has stockpiled more wins in the ‘no-time’ category than any other racer in history!

Has Street Outlaws OKC been Cancelled?

As of this moment, it is yet to be announced if Street Outlaws has been canceled or if it’s going to be renewed for Season 18. Big Chief spoke to HollywoodSoapbox about the show and had said that for a while in the earlier seasons, he would be concerned about whether Street Outlaws would get renewed for another season.

Why is the 405 not on Street Outlaws anymore?

Apparently, the powers behind the show decided that this would be the way that things would go, though. The 405 wasn’t to be invited to compete to be “The Fastest in America.” Along the way, it turns out that a couple of guys from the 405 caught wind of the production. It surely was an odd set of circumstances.

Who is Gypsy Mike?

Gypsy Mike was a famous young street racer who was quite famous for his riding skills. He had a successful career on the television reality show, Street Outlaws, which has been a major hit amongst the audience, ever since it kicked off in the year 2013.

What is JJ the boss’s real name?

Jonathan Day
Jonathan Day, better known as JJ Da Boss, is the leader of the Memphis racing family. He has been around street racing since he was a toddler when his mother would carry him on her hip to watch his dad and uncle street race.