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What does lavender hydrosol do?

What does lavender hydrosol do?

Lavender hydrosol may have a regenerative effect on skin irritations making it a great alternative to soothe and cool acne inflammation. It may provide relief from skin rashes, eczema and dryness. Combined with witch hazel it makes a refreshing toner for skin and will provide relief from mild sunburn.

What is pure lavender hydrosol?

Lavender hydrosol is a refreshing and relaxing multi-purpose spray that is a completely natural derivative of the lavender plant. It has amazing benefits to the skin, is great to use for relaxation and aromatherapy, and as a refreshing, light home spray!

How is lavender hydrosol made?

Lavender Hydrosol is produced during the steam distillation of essential lavender oil. During this process a small amount of lavender essential oil is permanently suspended among the water molecules.

Is lavender hydrosol a disinfectant?

A mild disinfectant, lavender hydrosol is great for all hard surfaces. It is also non-streaking and does a terrific job cleaning windows, glass and computer and TV screens.

How long does lavender hydrosol last?

You can increase the longevity of your hydrosol by storing the bottle in the fridge or in a cool, dark cupboard away from heat and light. Many hydrosols will last 1-2 years in a fridge. Hydrosols kept on the shelf, or in a car or bag should be used within six months of purchase.

Is hydrosol a disinfectant?

This Hydrosol is a very gentle yet effective antibacterial, making it useful in treating acne and can help balance both oily and dry complexions. Lavender Hydrosol can help your skin in many ways! Hydrosol can be used in a variety of ways around the home/at work/in your car!

How long does Lavender hydrosol last?

Is Hydrosol a disinfectant?

How long does lavender Hydrosol last?

Does lavender hydrosol need to be refrigerated?

Hydrosols can be refrigerated (not frozen!) to prolong their shelf life. Don’t allow unsterilized items like your fingers, cotton balls or other items to come into direct contact with the hydrosols you are storing.

How do I know if my hydrosol is bad?

Changes in the pH over time can be an indication that the hydrosol has become contaminated. Suzanne Catty says: “Generally hydrosols with a pH of 5.0 or less last longer than hydrosols with a pH over 5.0.

What is witch hazel hydrosol?

Organic Witch Hazel hydrosol is essentially another name for an organic non-alcoholic Witch Hazel distillate. It is the pure, distillate that is steam distilled from the original Witch Hazel plant material.