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What does Manuk mean?

What does Manuk mean?

Manuk is an uninhabited volcanic island located in the Banda Sea, Indonesia. Manuk’ and its variances Manouk and Manoug is also a common Armenian given name (Armenian: Մանուկ) meaning child. With the addition of -ian or -yan as in Manukyan, Manoukian, Manoogian etc., it becomes an Armenian surname.

Where is Manuk?

Manuk is a small steep-sided island in the Banda volcanic arc. It the easternmost volcano of Indonesia, and located only 750 km north of Darwin, Australia. Manuk volcano rises 3000 m from the sea floor and forms a small truncated cone above water.

Where to buy manuka honey locally?

Manuka honey can be purchased from a wide range of places. You can find it at speciality stores in your city, or at most big box grocery & department stores. If you don’t have a store nearby, you can purchase manuka honey directly from specialty store websites, websites that sell health care products,…

What is in Manuka honey?

Manuka is a special type of honey that’s made from bees that pollenate the Manuka plant, a shrub or small tree that’s native to New Zealand and eastern Australia. The Manuka flower produces a nectar that has unique compounds that aren’t as concentrated in other types of honey, including methylglyoxal,…

Is manuka honey edible?

Manuka honey. It is important to understand that you cannot go around squeezing regular store bought honey on every wound or infection you encounter. Instead, try using manuka honey, which on top of serving as a healthier edible substitute for regular honey, also possess numerous therapeutic qualities.

What does MgO stand for in Manuka honey?

MGO (or MG) stands for methylglyoxal which is the main biologically active antibacterial element in manuka honeys, responsible for their excellent health benefits. MGO is basically the unique manuka factor, the element that makes this particular honey superior to all others.