What does Ofii stand for?

What does Ofii stand for?

French Office of Immigration and Integration
The OFII (French Office of Immigration and Integration) In order to study in France, foreign students, that don’t have french A-levels, have to fulfil two requirements : Being authorized to access higher education in their country of origin, have a level in French language that allows them to study in France.

What is OFII attestation?

If you arrive in France through the Schengen zone and get a stamp in Schengen zone, you’re considered to have arrived in France within 5 days of the stamped date. You have to fill in the “Demande d’attestation OFII”. This letter proves your temporary legal stay in France until your visa is approved by OFII.

How do you call Forii?

>> The OFII call centre is open from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at 0800 144 414. * If you do not have a cell phone, you can visit one of three different day centers in Paris to help you file an asylum claim (open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.).

How do you get Ofii in France?

Procedure steps

  1. Go to the OFII headquarters.
  2. Provide your passport to the advisor.
  3. The OFII will pay for your plane ticket as well as your transportation fees from your place of residence in France to the airport.
  4. Receive your summon from the advisor and check your baggage allowance.

What documents are required for a Carte de Sejour?

If you do not have a 10-year or permanent EU carte de sejour, upload these supporting documents as part of your application:

  • valid passport.
  • proof of when you settled in France, or any date that demonstrates more than 5 years of residency (eg property rental contract from 6 years ago).

How long can you live in France without becoming a resident?

You will be resident in France if you live in France for at least six months of the year. This rule does not require that you live in a permanent home you have in France, but that you are merely on French soil for six months of the year.

What is VLS TS visa?

The VLS-TS student visa allows you to pursue studies in France for a period of four months to one year. It must be validated upon your arrival in France. If you would like to continue your studies after it expires, you may apply for a multi-annual residence permit (carte de séjour pluriannuelle).

What is the OFII form for France?

Office of Immigration and Integration
OFII stands for Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Intégration . (French Office of Immigration and Integration). Once you step foot in France with a student visa, you must register to Visa Validation (ex OFII) to be able to travel back and forth into France after 3 months and during the duration of your Visa.

How do I get a residence permit in France?

In order to get it, follow the steps listed below in the given order:

  1. Apply for a French long-stay visa with a validity of 4 months to 1 year from your country of residence.
  2. Travel to France.
  3. Validate / Confirm your long-stay visa as a VLS-TS at the French Immigration and Citizenship Office (OFII) in France.

How much income do I need to live in France?

From 1 January 2020, the minimum wage in France for an adult aged over 23 years is €1539.42 per month (gross), which equates to around €1218.60 per month Net, after income tax and social contributions. This represents and annual gross salary of €18,473.